15 VS 17-Inch Laptops For Gaming, Programming, College Students, & Visual Artists

Screen size is what all of us consider before buying a laptop. 15 and 17 inches screen size have little difference but huge impact. These two inches will define your overall experience irrespective of the fact whether you want to use the laptop for gaming, programming, or editing

For different tasks, different types of screen sizes are required. For instance, if you are more into entertainment and love to watch movies then you always prefer a bigger screen.  If you are a person who travels a lot or a college student, a compact laptop with a small screen suits you best. 

We cannot more emphasize the importance of laptop screen size. 15 and 17 inches are the two popular laptop screen options you would find on the market, and here we have discussed the benefits and drawbacks of both for different needs. So, if you are torn between two choices, this post is going to help you a great deal. 

15 VS 17-Inch Laptop For Programming:

For programming, you need a laptop that works efficiently and has enough raw power to support your work. The ideal laptop should be lightweight and easier to carry. Given you are not a game developer writing codes for demanding video games, a 15-inch laptop is the best option. 

On the other hand, a 17 inches laptop offers a clear resolution and more space to open multiple tabs. While performing any task everyone wants to enjoy a clear view with little to no distortion. 

Also, as programming involves a lot of typing, a large keyboard that comes with 17 inches screen-size laptop will make your life easy. 

On a larger screen size, you can view your code at once. You don’t need to drag your page up and down after every second. 

Another advantage of a 17-inch laptop is that it accommodates powerful specs that include more RAM and large battery size. A huge, powerful laptop will decrease your workload tremendously by compiling the code faster.

But even these features can’t beat the convenience of carrying a 15-inch laptop. Nobody wants to lug a heavy, oversized laptop around;  programmers, the least.

And as most programmers have external monitors to make up for the small screen, 15-inch laptops have a clear advantage over 17-inch. Also, most programming languages don’t require the top specs of a gaming laptop.

Along with the screen size, you also need to consider few other things when you are buying a laptop for programming. Battery life and processor power play the main role. Having a perfect screen size with these flaws will decrease the efficiency of your work. So consider everything in detail before investing your savings.

15 VS 17-Inch Laptop For Gaming:

The trend of gaming is increasing tremendously and people find themselves in a rainy situation when it comes to the selection of an ideal laptop for gaming. 

For having a dynamic and matchless gaming experience your primary focus should be on the screen size and battery life. A few major concerns of gamers include good screen display size and visibility along with an easy-to-manage keyboard.

Most gamers prefer 17 inches laptops over 15 inches because of the greater screen size. The 15 inches laptops demand an external monitor for a proper gaming experience which further increases the hustle and budget. So to make things go easier I would recommend you to go with 17 inches screen display.

Now it is seen that mostly the gamers are uploading their gameplays on Twitch and other streaming platforms to earn money. They need a great screen size with maximum resolution and pixels, and a 17-inch laptop fit this scenario.

The files are often heavier and a smaller compact laptop may get heat up more easily and would further create hindrance for you. You will get more rooms and sections for hardware along with 17 inches screen laptop. 

For the proper working of a graphic processor, 17 inches is the ideal size. It helps the laptop to manage its heat efficiently.

Along with all these plus points, 17 inches laptop allows more space which means more RAM. On the other hand side, 15 inches laptops don’t offer that much space as compared to 17 inches laptops. 

No doubt, 17 inches laptops are bulkier than 15 inches laptops. That’s the only reason which many gamers avoid and go for a smaller compact laptop with a shorter display. But if we consider the RAM, display, and the size of 17 inches laptop then it would be a better choice than a 15 inches laptop.

15 VS 17-Inch Laptop For College Students:

If you are a college student and need a laptop then always go for the one which is easier to carry. For a student, carrying a bulkier laptop is extremely difficult, you have to be at several places in a single day. 

Carrying a backpack full of heavy books and notes is already exhausting, add the bulky 17-inch laptop to it, and your college experience is ruined. 

For college students, it is better to go for a 15 inches laptop. Their workload and files are not so demanding and can be easily managed by a laptop with decent RAM and processor.

All the academic assignments and research can be done on a 15-inch laptop unless your course work involves heavy-duty softwares such as Matlab, Autocad 3D, or Ansys.

Obviously, the choice of the laptop also depends on your degree and subjects. If you are a graphic designer or programming student, then obviously you need a good laptop with top-notch features. In this case, 17 inches laptop is a good choice for you.

If you are a medical or social science student, then 15 inches laptop is an ideal choice for you because traveling with 17 inches laptop is gonna wear you to a shadow. So before choosing your laptops consider your preferences and budget.

Even if in the future, if you need a bigger screen then you can easily attach an external monitor with your 15 inches laptop. 

With the convenience a 15 inches laptop is going to allow, you can study easily at any place. You can place it on your lap and can even continue your studies while sitting on your bed

15 VS 17-Inch Laptop For Visual Artists:

For the students of visual arts or graphic designers, laptops with some specific features are often necessary to carry out their projects. By analysis, it is seen that most of the students prefer a wider screen for their visual art.

For graphic art students, proper layout and tools are a must. On a wider screen, it is easy to look out for the tools and the canvas is easily viewable.

But before investing your money in 17 inches laptop make up your mind to carry a bulky laptop. While, if you want to invest in 17 inches MacBook then you can even save yourself from the trouble, as it is fairly lightweight. Speaking of which, you can always invest more to get a slim laptop in a 17-inch form factor. 

For graphic content creators, a laptop with a good processor, powerful GPU, and complementary huge RAM and Storage is required to carry out your work without any delay. though you may find these specs in 15 inches laptops, the issues of space and improper layout can become a hindrance.