10 Best Durable Gaming Headsets Of 2021 (For Extended Gaming)

rugged gaming headset

If you’re a pro gamer, you must be really keen on finding a durable pair of headphones that last long-gaming sessions.  Or can take abuse when you vent post-game frustration on them after losing a close battle.  Sound quality, noise cancellation, comfort, and an un-slackening microphone, all these features come later, and they all contribute … Read more

Best Smartwatches With Voice Command in 2021

Best Smartwatches With Voice Assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby)

Voice assistants on smartphones made our life easier and were undoubtedly a valuable addition. Now, we have smartwatches with voice assistants too. However smartwatches are not the only, we now have headphones with voice command control.  Voice assistants on the smartwatches include Siri and Bixby on Apple and Samsung wearables respectively. Plus, Google Assistant and … Read more

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

Tenkeyless keyboards, as the name suggests, don’t have numeric keys. And the mechanical type TKL keyboards have dedicated switches for each key. These keyboards are compact, and therefore easily portable; are sturdy,  therefore highly durable; are customizable, therefore highly versatile. All these features are usually loved by users who rely heavily on keyboards: gaming enthusiasts, … Read more


The market nowadays is overflowed by a marvelous pair of wireless earbuds that excel almost in every field and have top-notch features. ANC mechanism, out-class audio performance, premium comfort, all these features can come up in these pygmy portable devices, easily. But despite all these perfections, your central focus should be the “compatibility” part. Whether … Read more

10 Best Earbuds For Listening To Audiobooks Of 2021

Not all people are fond of reading. Besides personal disliking, there are a lot of other factors that cause hindrance in book reading. People with certain disabilities, non-fluent readers, or people accessing second language books, all these categories converge to a single solution, called audiobooks.  Audiobooks are convenient and handy to use. You can listen … Read more