Best Computer Headphones With Mic (Budget) in 2023

If you are a gaming enthusiast, a voice-over expert, or have to take frequent video calls on your PC, a solid computer headset with a microphone is a must. 

These headsets bring with them a definite advantage for competitive gamers as they help them to isolate themselves from outside distractions.  Plus, they save other members in the room from the piercing sound of games. 

For voice-over experts and regular users, the advantage is quite obvious. 

Headsets with microphones come in all shapes and sizes and are usually very expensive. But a good headset doesn’t have to cost you a fortune—a fact that we find in our search for the best computer headphones with a microphone.

Before you move on to the list, It is pertinent to go through key aspects that must be considered before buying the headphones.

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What To Look For In A Computer Headphone With Microphone?


Comfort should not be compromised while buying headphones. The long sessions might make you feel fatigued. To avoid discomfort, a lighter weight along with soft skin-friendly fabric should be prioritized. Adjustability features should be preferred to avoid strain.


It’s a great disappointment if you’ve spent money just to face poor sound quality and disrupted notes. If you want a crystal clear voice and detailed notes in your ear cups, you must go through the frequency range, impedance, and the driver’s size that controls the quality and clarity.


Sound leakage causes hindrance in focusing. The noise in the environment can easily penetrate aiding in inaudibility and disruption. Another case is the soundtrack leaking out, disturbing the surroundings. Over-ear composure inhibits sound bleed. Therefore this design is highly recommended. I also wrote about how headphones that don’t leak sound in detail on a previous blog.


Before buying a headphone, you must observe its reliability. Lighter-weight headphones are often proportionate to being more fragile. You must carry them with extra care. Compact and rigid designed headphones are more likely to last long. But make sure the composure is not too bulky to handle.


While traveling or going out for a walk, a headphone carriage is the biggest problem. The foldable feature will help you in making a place for them or carrying them easily. Additionally, you must go for the headphones provided with a carrying case so that the headphones don’t get dusty and are protected.

Listed here are the top 10 Best computer headphones with a microphone that won’t cost you much.

Top 10 Best Computer Headphones with Mic


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Another model of sony that outclasses other rivals once again, is sony wh-1000XM3. These are over-ear headphones that offer extraordinary noise cancellation and refinement in notes. These mentioned features are confined in this compact design along with a reasonable price.  


Sony has highly modified its design to ensure maximum comfort. The new model has elongated ear cups which are wrapped with a soft and comfy fabric. The cushiony earpads rest against the ear well without putting stress. From far away, they may seem brittle but the modified rigid plastic guarantees its durability and makes the headband lighter in weight.


The over-ear design will block out the ambient noises. If you are in a working area or you are surrounded by a rowdy crowd, these headphones will literally muffle even the loudest ambient sounds. But if you are into an instant conversation, a single touch at the back of ear cups will let the nearby voice penetrate in.

The exceptional combo of frequency range 4Hz-40kHz and sensitivity of 104.5 dB will amplify the soundtrack to its max. All the notes are crystal clear and sharp. You’ll enjoy the crispiness of heavy bass notes and softened high notes. The mids are quite raw. In short, giving an amplified soundtrack.


4 microphones are fitted in the ear cups for voice or video calls. You can not only listen to the music but can also easily respond to the calls with better sound quality.

The USB-c port is manufactured for charging. This model of sony has an exceptional 30 hours battery life and quick charging feature. 

These headphones are app-controlled. All you gotta do is install the app, after having the app installed, you have complete access to your headphones through your own cell phone.


  • Lighter in weight
  • App controlled
  • Alexa, siri and Google assistant enabled
  • Perfect noise cancellation
  • Quick charging and a durable battery


  • No further enhancement in sound quality as compared to it’s previous models
  • Call quality is not outstanding
  • The ear pad fabric might heat up your ears in summers


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If you’re more of a bass-loving person, this model of Sennheiser won’t fail to fulfill your expectations. These headphones acquire the circumaural design of ear cups and are better to be known for noise cancellation.


If we compare this model of Sennheiser with its previous models, this model is definitely leading in comfort and durability. You’ll find the ear cups plushier and soft. The thick padding will inhibit the entrance of outside voices. You can wear these headphones without aching yourself, the bearable clamping force will let you involve yourself in long sessions.

The headphones are made of plastic, but it’s reliable enough to guarantee it’s long-lasting. 


The thick padding and circumaural design will provide an isolated environment. The track and voice call won’t be interrupted by the outside world. Along with perfect noise cancellation, each note is defined and distinctive. Different frequency levels combine to give a clear and amplified sound.

As mentioned earlier, the bass is the most prominent note. It’s punchy and striking. You’ll observe that the track is boosted up by the thumpy bass.

The mids are quite decent. The highs are satisfactory but are not as good as lows. Sennheiser supports the low frequency. The track is basically overridden by the lows.


The ear cups have the ability to be folded into a flat form, tho the headset will remain the same. But, the flattened shape will let you carry it easily.

The box also accommodates a soft pouch. Basically for carriage and damage prevention. A USB cable is set aside in a box for quick charging.

At the side of the earcups, you’ll find controlling buttons installed. You can control volume, change the playlist and also respond to calls through these.


  • Less costly
  • Amazing bass response
  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life and quick charging
  • Best audio performance


  • The earcups are congested
  • The padding will make you ears sweat
  • The buttons become less functional


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If you’re looking for a professional headset that helps you get engaged in continuous calls and audio listening without any interruption, go for these headphones. The formation and extraordinary features will benefit you in daily routine use.


These headphones are manufactured for daily use, so comfort is a factor that matters a lot. For this reason, they are quite lighter in weight and also cannot be snapped off easily. The headband is made of steel but there’s an elastic strip below the headband that protects your head from strain. Conclusively, the components are made of durable stuff.


The headphones are preferable in a professional environment where an undistorted call and immediate response are needed. What makes it different from other headphones is its call clarity and loud sound. The voice and sound quality are quite enhanced. Secondly, the bass is like a cherry on top with its well-balanced and natural influence.

The option for “active noise cancellation “is always there, one click on the button, and your surroundings will be muted for as long as you want. This button is actually functional, separates the background sound and the audio being played.


The headphones have installed sensors. The audio will be paused as soon as these sensors detect headphone removal and will be resumed back once they’re put on again.

The driver size is more than the ordinary ones. A larger size will increase the conversion into amplified sound waves.

The best thing is a micro USB charger that lets you charge the headphone, on the spot, without any inconvenience.


  • The active noise cancellation feature
  • Best for business meetings and purposes
  • The excellent sound quality of the call
  • Durable and lightweight as well


  • Loosened grip
  • No wire port, only Bluetooth access


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Another affordable pair of headphones with extraordinary features, AKG headphones stand out with a classy look. These headphones are not over-ear but the sound quality provided is beyond what’s expected from a cheap pair of headphones.


These headphones do not lag in comfort and durability. The fabric and padding are durable and thick. These headphones won’t be torn off easily. You’ll feel a gentle push of ear cups. The fabric won’t make you sweat but the headband will have a tighter grip on your head.

The battery life is amazing, 20 hours. You can use it consecutively for several hours and will still have a part of the battery stored up. This is the biggest distinction over 


Any ordinary cheap headphones.

As these headphones are not over-ear, there’s definitely a slight impact of background noise on the track. But the sound quality won’t fail to impress you. There’s a natural touch in the audio. The bass is prominent and catchy. The mids and highs are refined. The plus point is the clarity in notes, as compared to low-cost headphones, there’s no muddy vocals or vagueness in audios. You’ll experience softness and decency in pitch. The design is not over-ear, but still, the thick pads will absorb the major distractions.


The extra characteristics include its foldability. The ear cups are folded to form a flat shape closer to the headband.

You’ll find buttons at the right side of your ear cups that enables you to control volumes and Bluetooth pairing.


  • Less costly
  • Best sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Bluetooth enabled plus wire port
  • Deep bass response


  • Not over ear designed
  • Heavy head band
  • Not good for frequent use


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This new model of Sennheiser prevails previous designs with its modified 

Distinctions. It’s classy enough to seek customers’ attention. It’s built and performance is worth it.


The ear cups are enlarged as compared to its previous models, accommodating even big ears. Durable leather is wrapped on the ear cups to make them soft and cushiony. The leather is tough. You’ll find that the headphones are lighter in weight, have no clamping force, enough grip that ensures stability.

You’ll find a twisted and spiral wire connecting the ear pads and headband, making a tough connection. Furthermore, the hinges are tight, rotating it easily without getting it snapped.


As these headphones have an over-ear design, it offers perfect noise isolation. You can sit in a rushy and loud atmosphere and still can face minimum interference. Sideways, the microphone is ideal. Even the slightest vibration is amplified twice times once it’s transmitted to the other receiver.

The bass is highlighted, the track will be boosted up by the thumpy bass. If you’re a bass admirer, the over-powering track derived by the bass will amuse you.

The mids and highs are stunning. the overall sound performance is dynamic.


The most astonishing feature is its tracking feature. Install the app, the details are provided in the manual guide. After installing, you’ll be able to track down your lost headphones if these are powered on.

Not only this, but you can completely control the impact and prominence of bass on the track, through the app. 


  • Extra ordinary noise cancellation
  • Amazing sound performance
  • Durable and tough
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Rigidity in composure


  • Costly
  • Leather will heat up in summers


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Most headphones that rank best in performance, prioritize design less. But these headphones will get their job done along with providing a stunning and trendy look.


As compared to its predecessors, this model has improved its comfort in design. The earpads are leathery and tough. The grip is soft but the ear cups have become less flexible and firm. The attached headband is made of stainless steel and the inner side of the headphone has silicon padding that prevents any strain on the head. This headband can slide over the ear cups to adjust on the head.

These headphones are not foldable but the ear cups can rotate at 90 degrees to attain a flattened shape.


The model emphasizes noise cancellation. The impressive noise-canceling mechanism segregates both the inner and outer environments. You can respond to calls and enjoy your track while sitting in the middle of a noisy subway station.

Basically, these headphones got modes of noise cancellation to operate in. 0 is the first mode, that helps you to get connected and engaged with outside sound. 1 is the second mode, offering mediocre ranged noise canceling. 10 is the last mode and lets you cut off with your surroundings.

The sound quality is way better in fact, best as compared to the previous ones. Your call is perfectly filtered with outside noises. While listening to the track, you’ll experience an emphasized and overpowered bass. Highs are good too but become muddy and unclear at some point.


The design has adapted touch sensors for volume control and playlist access. Slide your hand at the padding up and down for volume control and left, right for track changing.

8 microphones are fitted in-ear cups to present a better call. The person at the other end will barely listen to those outside distractions.


  • Unique design
  • Touch sensors are efficient
  • Amazing noise cancellation
  • Rigid structure
  • Audio performance is balanced and admirable


  • Costly
  • Not as comfortable as previous models


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These are wired headphones with a flexible appearance. They sound amazing and have got some peculiar features that will definitely make you inclined towards these strongly built headphones.


The headband is made of steel but is flexible enough to bear any deformation. You can twist it in many forms but I will acquire back its original shape immediately. The ear cups have a foamy layer that proposes passive noise cancellation. The outer rim of ear cups is padded with leather to make your ears rest against it. The ear cups might have a slightly harsh grip on big heads. The clamping force is a bit tighter.


These headphones are capable of passive noise cancellation as well as active noise cancellation. The well-padded and dense covering won’t let the noise penetrate in. while on a call, the person on the other hand will receive filtered audio. 

The sound quality is amazing. The driver’s size is larger than the average one. Hence, each note and beat is amplified to an extent that doesn’t become harsh. The bass region is emphasized and is quite heavy. The track is boosted up with the bass. Lows, mids, and highs are perfectly blended. At highs, after a specific frequency, the notes become slightly shrill and harsh.


The ear cup can be folded into a compact structure and there’s a rigid carrying bag that protects the headphone from any major damage or scratch.

They have a metallic structure that’s quite durable and won’t be snapped easily.

You can easily remove the upper frame on-ear cups and replace it with another one.


  • Stylish and trendy design
  • Durable and heavy built
  • You can wear them with glasses
  • Passive noise cancellation factor
  • Flexible and not snappable


  • Tighter clamping force
  • Leakage at high volumes
  • Audio becomes muddy after a specific frequency level


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This model of bose is manufactured having sound quality and noise cancellation as a top priority. It’s the first-ever pair of headphones that are Google assistant enabled. Hence, this feature was invented by bose model.


Bose never lagged in comfort and durability. This model has the same comfort level as its previous ones. These headphones are comfortable enough for engaging yourself in an extended session of use. Overall it’s made of plastic, which might make it look a bit delicate. But the components are not cheap or cannot be snapped easily.

In the inner side of the headband, there’s a rugged covering. Hence the headband won’t irritate you. On the other hand, the attached ear cups are soft and comfortable to wear. The padding is so tough that even when headphone is not operating in noise-canceling mode, outside distractions can be drained out easily.


These headphones are best known for noise isolation. There are modes of noise cancellation, mediocre and upper-lower extremes. These modes work efficiently as per requirement. Modes are basically controlled by the bose app. Even if noise cancellation is not activated, the padding is thick enough to block out ambient sound.

Coming to its sound quality, the overall performance is dope. You’ll feel the crispness in each note. The frequency response is far better than top-ranking headphones. The bass is detailed, punchy, and solid. The mids are natural and emphasized. Each instrument’s sound stands out with crystal clarity and deep impact.


Saving battery life isn’t a big deal for bose. Switch to wired connection rather than Bluetooth and you’ll be able to use it for several more hours. 3.5mm wire makes it easy for power saving.

All the accessories, including these headphones, are placed in a box along with a rigid and sturdy case. Just fold the headphones and put them in a compact form inside the case for safety prevention.


  • Passive noise cancellation mode
  • Deep powerful bass
  • Well defined mids and highs
  • Good for long term use
  • Comfortable and durable


  • No inline microphone
  • Minor distractions can penetrate in


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Whenever we talk about active noise cancellation, this feature is accompanied by headphones demanding a high price. But this model cancels out all the ambient sounds with a price of less than 100$.


Loss cost headphones often constitute cheap components which leads to a poor comfort level. But this model is literally one of the most comfortable and reliable headphones. The plastic construction prevents cracking. The headband’s clamping force makes it stable for exercises such as running etc. But, big-headed people might find it difficult to get adjusted to the harsh grip.

With charging of barely two and a half hours, these headphones can easily function for consecutive 16 hours without heating up or any kind of un convenience.


The headphones are capable of hybrid noise cancellation. Background noise will still have a minor impact on the audio but it is somewhat negligible and inconsiderable. With such low cost, you’ll be able to filter the input with having a comprehensible sound quality.

Impressively, such bass response was not expected with headphones costing less than 100$, but you’ll be amazed by the heavy and powerful bass response. It’s like the track will have a booster at the back end.

Mids are decent but a bit recessed, mids are good but a bit muddier than the lows which are well empowered.


These headphones have a built-in mic with Bluetooth pairing credibility. With just one swipe, you can connect it with your smart device.

The case is heavy, waterproof, and rigid to protect the headphones.


  • Quite an affordable price
  • Best noise cancellation
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lighter weight


  • Weak hinges
  • Less responsive touch gestures


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Another cheap pair of headphones that comprises features even exceeding all the top-ranked headphones and excelling in sound quality is, Plantronics backbeat goes 810. If you’re less likely to be an audiophile and can compromise over minor details, then these headphones will save your money and will definitely impress you with some of its highlighted features


The heavily padded earcups ensure durability as well as enhances the comfort level. But these ear cups have a congested place for accommodating the ear, so it might not impress some people. The headband is made up of copper, so it’s flexible. To adjust it, you can use a steel extender connecting the ear cups and headband.

The thick padding and fabric guarantee it’s reliance. A few minor hits or scratches won’t be enough for the damage or torn-out fabric.


These headphones offer a mediocre range of noise cancellations. There’s a minor sound leakage and inward penetration as well. But the noise-canceling range and width band can be varied by the app.

The microphones fitted in it is of the best quality. If the noise canceling mode is turned on, the audio quality is amplified and filtered against the ambient noises. The receivers at both ends experience a crystal clear voice.

Once again, bass lovers have got another cheap pair of headphones according to their requirements. The bass is striking and dominant, it seems like the track is boosted up at the back end by the bass.


The best thing about the headphones is that these headphones are not genre specified. Flattened frequency response will let the customers enjoy all the genres without muddying the track.

The expected battery life is of 20 hours, but it can easily be extended up to 26 hours if the ANC feature is turned off.


  • Great price
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Powered up bass
  • Refined highs
  • Each instrument’s sound is clear
  • Best for calls


  • The control buttons are less functional and less responsive
  • The ambient sound can penetrate in
  • A minor sound leakage


1. Difference between on-ear and over-ear headphones?

Over-ear headphones 

These headphones have a thick headband and enlarged ear cups that accommodate your ear in a hollow bowl-like structure. The compact structure is heavier as compared to ordinary headphones. These are preferable in noisy environments, particularly for complete isolation.

On-ear headphones

These headphones have ear cups that completely rest against your ear. They fit exactly “on” your ear and have a lighter weight. You can easily carry them as the weight is light. Mostly preferable to ensure comfort, less grip, and where the isolation can be compromised.

2. Which headphone is the best for daily use?

Basically, for daily use, factors that cannot be compromised are, comfort and weight. You must check for its design and composure. Lighter weight and comfortable won’t let your fatigue.

3. Do all Bluetooth headphones have microphone?

Yes, a great many Bluetooth headphones have microphones, if they have dual functioning like call response and audio listening. They’ve got a small piece of microphone (1 or multiple) somewhere in their ear cups. This enables the headphones to record sound as well and transmit it to the receiver.

4. Do headphones lose sound quality over time?

Certainly not, if you’ve bought a pair of durable and good-featured headphones. The reliable brand of headphones also guarantees its consistency. Mostly, torn-out or damaged headphones become less functional time by time.

5. What is the importance of frequency response?

It basically tells us about how well the component would respond to a specified frequency range. When it comes to music production and simple audio listening, the frequency range will identify the sound quality. Headphones with a good frequency response will generate the same audio. The bass, trebles, every note will have the same impact as input.