10 Best Earbuds For Listening To Audiobooks Of 2023

Not all people are fond of reading. Besides personal disliking, there are a lot of other factors that cause hindrance in book reading. People with certain disabilities, non-fluent readers, or people accessing second language books, all these categories converge to a single solution, called audiobooks. 

Audiobooks are convenient and handy to use. You can listen to them while traveling, driving, before sleeping or, at places where book reading is not a better or suitable option. You can improve your vocabulary and pronunciation too, while listening to these, you can actually get yourself tutored and get trained without any effort. 

Here, we have tried to help you with our list of the best earbuds for listening to audiobooks with wired and wireless options. But before you move on to it, there is a brief buying guide to arm you with the needed information and invaluable insights. You can find it at the end of the post.

Our Recommended Earbuds For Listening To Audio Books:

1. Best True Wireless Earphones For Audio Books

Sony WF-1000XM3

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If you’re looking for truly wireless earbuds that are an all-rounder and excel in each property then, sony Wf-1000XM3 is a great choice. These earbuds have got modified features as compared to their predecessors and on top of that, you’ll get a stunning and sleeker design in this package as well.


These earbuds have different types of composure. You won’t find these earbuds to be exactly fitted in your ears without being visible. They’re bullet-shaped and the outside stem is quite extruded. But, this doesn’t impose any pressure or strain on the ear. You’ll feel it to be weightless. 

For premium fit, you’ll find plenty of ear tips in the box. Just fix these ear tips according to your ear size and the earbuds won’t fall even with a sudden jerk. So, conclusively, these earbuds offer suitable fir and comfort for all ear-sizes.


Sony wf-1000XM3 offers the best noise cancellation. Once the music is played, the ambient sound is blocked out. Whether you’re traveling in a plane or you’re sitting right beside a thickly trafficked road, just plug in your earbuds and you’ll be completely isolated from the outside world. 

You’ll be able to switch between different modes of noise cancellation. By double-tapping either earbud, you can easily control the ambient sound penetration and it’s quite effective. You can also customize the sound according to your choice.

Talking about the microphone, two microphones are fitted in each earbud for the best audio performance. The call performance is perfect, there are no dropouts or distortion. Sound quality is a bit muffled with surrounding noise, but it is not prominent. 

Why Best For Listening To Audiobooks?

  • Strong and reliable wireless connection through Bluetooth 5.0 version. There’s no audio distortion or hiccups in between, you can easily listen to your audiobook.
  • 6-hour battery life, more than enough for consecutively listening to audiobooks.
  • Noise cancellation modes will help you put up an environment according to your liking.
  • These earbuds are extremely comfortable as well as sturdy, they won’t fall off or strain your ear and you can easily maintain your focus. 
  • These earbuds are compatibile with Fitbit watches.


  • App-controlled EQ adjustment
  • Reliable battery life
  • Perfect audio performance
  • Audio through the microphone is crystal-clear


  • Not sweat resistant
  • Not good for sports

2. Best Cheap Earbuds For Audio Books

Wireless Earbuds, GUSGU

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Are you looking up for low-budget earbuds that deliver decent sound quality? Yes, you’re on the right review! These earbuds reproduce a dynamic sound while being super affordable. You don’t have to compromise for much and in return, can get outstanding features with solid built.


These earbuds have solid built, making it more reliable. Such sturdiness with a low price is a rare deal. Being sturdy doesn’t mean these earbuds are bulky to handle, in fact, they rank in the lightweight earbuds category. Wear them for several hours and they won’t ache you. That’s a plus point for those binging on audiobooks!

In the box, you’ll get three pairs of ear tips, large, medium, and small. This makes the grip stronger. Plus, here a neckband for better coordination and adjustment it’s sort of hollow plastic so it won’t bother you much.


The sound quality offered by these earbuds is more than average, in fact pretty decent and vast. You can experience a dynamic sound with extra clarity. The main portion here is, bass. Its striking, powerful, and the focal point. You’ll definitely love the wide lower spectrum.

Besides the spotlight, bass, you’ll enjoy other ends on top of that. The mid-frequency range is highly grasped by the earbuds, vocals are clear and soft. Highs are not harsh. But the stumbling block is the vague lower frequency. It won’t show up until the volume is raised, that’ll snip off some higher ends.


  • They’re sweat-resistant, you won’t be interrupted by some sort of irritation.
  • Premium built quality, carry them for traveling or any trips or tours, they won’t break away or get damaged.
  • Balanced and calm sound, it’s not muffled, it’s quite audible and clear.
  • The battery life of 7 to 7.5 hours.
  • Quite comfortable for consecutive sessions.


  • Well sculpted bass
  • Premium sound quality
  • Sturdy built
  • The in-line microphone’s audio is very clear
  • Cheap price


  • Lows are not prominent
  • Average life battery

3. Best Wired Earphones For Audiobooks


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Let’s say that if you’re needed to keep your budget just below 100$ and you’re looking for a top-notch deal, legit excelling in every aspect, then, you’re exactly on the right review. There are some tremendous features with a low price that will actually play the bait game.


By excelling in each property, we literally meant “each”. So, one of such peculiar properties, is comfort obviously. Starting from the design, it’s an appreciable combo of metal and plastic. Plastic on the top, covering the metallic inner finishes. So that’s what we call reliability.

By removing the ear tips you’ll find a thick metallic sound canal that legit directs every note to your ear without paving the sound bleed path, another plus point. Coming to the comfort, these buds are really comfy to wear, the fit is ergonomic. For optimal fit, you’ll be given 4 extra pairs of eartips too!


This momentum series compromises on neither of the highlights. You’ll be pleased to experience perfect built and comfortable with superb and dynamic sound. The sound is very spacious and detailed. It has variety. Starting from lows to highs and encompassing all others in between ranges, each note is emphasized.

The strong drivers pull up thumps as well as well-balanced bass. you’ll feel a controlled impact of it. This marvellous bass mingles up with natural and exciting treble to provide a dynamic sound. Plus, none of the frequency range is shadowy, each has its own controlled effect that doesn’t cause muddiness.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear, almost fixed in all sizes.
  • The wires are flat, no issue of tangling up, major distraction for concentration.
  • Clear and spacious sound, especially the bass and vocals, that all the audiobook listeners actually have to be concerned about.
  • Premium fit.
  • No sound bleed or interruption in between.


  • Well defined bass
  • Stunning design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Android and iPhone version
  • No prominent sound bleeds


  • Mids are recessed, the only noticeable drawback

4. Best Seller True Wireless Earbuds


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Here it is, a top-class and elegant model ranking in best true wireless earbuds since they’re released. They give a balanced content of each feature, that won’t fail to impress you. Plus, the budget will be in the minimal range too!


Besides balanced sound quality, these earbuds outdo other rivals by their comfy design and solid built. Mainly, these earbuds are plastic, but this doesn’t make these earbuds snappable or cheap. The plastic is sturdy to handle jerks and sheer to a greater extent.

Being plastic, they feel feather-like when worn. That ultimately adds comfort. Though some portion of it is hanging down ears, the buds don’t seem to weigh heavily on the ears. This stem part has an embedded microphone, that immensely enhances the audio quality, also, they won’t burden your ears due to its light-weight.


First of all, jaybird provides noise cancellation that’s on another level. For its customization, you can control the ambient sounds penetrating in, through an app. It’s highly effective. If you’ve opted for maximum noise cancellation, not even the minor frequencies tend to direct in, they’re completely blocked out, providing a segregated environment.

These earbuds provide a balanced sound. Its clear, good for those targeting for solely audio or call-based earbuds. But the reproduced sound is not detailed, it’d be better if you don’t go into its depth, cause these earbuds, by any chance, are not a suitable hunt for audiophiles or those, craving the thumped lows or highs.


· IPX rating for water and sweat resistance, so you won’t be annoyed in between the session, nether would they slip off.

· The connection through Bluetooth 5.0 is strong and quick, there’s no delay while connecting, it gets connected as soon as the already paired device approaches the access range.

· No stuttering in sound, besides the unexcited sound production, these earbuds provide a refined sound for solely vocal portion.

· Battery life for approx. 6 hours and if your charging case is charged, it offers additional 10 hours, summing up to give away a juice for 15 hours. That’s actually pretty much if you’re binging on audiobooks while traveling.


  • Trendy design.
  • Superb noise cancellation.
  • EQ feature for customizing sound presets and noise cancellation levels.
  • Sweat and water-resistant.
  • Good for listening to audiobooks


  • Not a better option for watching videos, audio lagging, and poor synchronization
  • Not a good choice for audiophiles

5. True Wireless Earbuds For Audiobooks 

Bose Soundsport

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These earbuds have got a sturdier and reliable design along with a secure grip, to attract the customer. It has a variety of commendable features that will outshine in almost all modes of listening. Listening while driving, at the gym, in café, etc.


As mentioned above, these earbuds can withstand heavy tasks or damages. They’re designed to have this sturdiness, just to ensure its longevity. So, these earbuds are perfectly circled pieces with a combination of heavy components inside, not that heavy in particular, but heavy enough to stay in place even after sudden jerks or movements.

On the right earpiece, you’ll find an elongated display of controls generally for volume control, play, pause, etc. and these controls are efficiently responsive. No notable lag was observed. 


Sound sport delivers perfect and balanced sound. If you’re not a typical audiophile, you’ll appreciate the amount of detail. There’s no significant sound bleed. Sound leakage is very minor and not notable. But you might find a mole in the noise cancellation domain. It’s somewhat mediocre, not perfect enough to block away from the sideway trafficking or, crowd’s murmuring or laughter, cars honking, its somewhat suppressed to some extent but not too well for concentration. 

The main highlight is the bass region. The bass is complete and pleasing. It’s wholly thumped providing the warm touch to the whole audio at the back. Highs are not harsh, plus they won’t cut off at higher volumes, as the sound leakage is minimal.


· Sweat and water-resistant.

· 6 hours of life battery with 10 hours of charging case working as a power bank.

· 3 ear tips for premium grip.

· Leakage is not prominent so just higher up your volumes when needed as in busy or trafficked environments.

· They will stay in your ear, no matter what, even if nod your head forcefully.


  • Perfect bass
  • Rigid design and built.
  • A wholesome sound experience.
  • Minimal sound leakage
  • Premium grip


  • Poor noise cancellation
  • No aptX support so there plenty of lagging in videos

6. Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds


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These earbuds are truly wireless and provide an Active noise cancellation mechanism. Its performance is far above average and it outclasses its rivals such as air pods and other elite models of top-ranking companies.


Sony never compromises on comfort and audio performance. These two are highly defined and prioritized. Starting from comfort, 1000x are one of the lightest weighed earbuds. Though the extruded stem may seem bulky for the ear to balance but, they’re feathery to feel. 

There’s approx. no chance of you fatiguing out due to sony’s design. Carry them for extended sessions, they won’t hurt, at all. not only because they’re lighter to be carried, but also, the fit is ergonomic. The fit suits all ear sizes and the earpieces are gently inserted in your canal.


Being ANC supportive, these earbuds will fall on your expectations. The noise cancellation is pretty good, but still, there’s sort of irritating interruption when you go out in busy areas. That’s a drawback. These earbuds actively cancel minor noises, such that in your balcony, room or any area accommodating the least distractions. They’ll cancel out the murmurs, chit-chatting or babbling, but not low-frequency noises such as airplanes, honks, or nearby construction nuisance.

The 6mm embedded driver pumps out a well-balanced, controlled, and exciting bass. The impact will be strong but not thunderous or blasting, you can easily catch up on other notes without getting them muffled up. Similarly, mids are good too. But there’s a bug when it comes to treble range, at some points, it just recesses and overpowers the mid-region causing cloudiness in mid-range and a bit harshness in higher-ups.


· Sweat and water-resistant.

· Strong and durable Bluetooth connection that doesn’t distort if you’re keeping your gadget on the table placed in the corner of the room.

· 3 hours battery life plus, the charging case can let it work for additional 6 hours. 9 hours is not what you call a highly durable performance time, but actually, it’s enough for the audiobook listening.

· 7 ear tips to ensure maximum grip


  • Best bass response
  • Comfortable
  • A stunning outlook
  • Well-balanced and tuned audio performance
  • Lightweight


  • The harshness of trebles at some point
  • Battery life isn’t appreciable for other activities

7. Dirt Cheap Audiobook Earphones


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Sometimes, you’re low on budget and all you need is an appreciable sound experiencing by just lying in between your budget domain. Or maybe all you’re looking for is, some plastic-y composure that lets you use them for regular and rough use, that’s when you come across such vibrant designed earpieces. Its sound quality is simple and natural.


While reviewing this product, you might have come up with second thoughts like “they’re cheap”, “the expectations should not be much”, and” the cords might cut off easily”. but that’s not the case. Despite its cheap price, they still outdo the earbuds ranging from 20$ to 60$. They’re very comfy to wear as the rubbery ear tips uphold a better grip.

The seal is very tight, they get snugged in your ears well without aching them.on top of that, the plastic composure constitutes in them being extremely lightweight, the pieces then extend to the long cord that is quite manageable. 


Panasonic ergofit are miniature-sized earpieces that reproduce a natural sound with roaring bass. Yes, that’s right, even with this simple design these earbuds didn’t compromise on the bass. The bass is very punchy you’ll love it with such a deal. So, it mainly emphasizes bass boosted genres like hip hop, etc. 

The spotlight on bass doesn’t mean that the other frequency levels are neglected. They’re still there with their soft impact without fogging up other ranges. The overall mixture of trebles, mid and lows is dynamic, unless or until you’re not up for audiophillic critiques. So have fun while grabbing 4 to 5 pairs of these, cause honestly speaking they legit cost nothing as compared to other models.


· Perfect fit with silicone ear tips.

· Extremely lightweight.

· You don’t have to worry about battery drainage or the beeps of dying out the battery.

· Clarity in vocal sound.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Funky and vibrant multi-colored theme
  • Secure fit


  • The wire gets tangled up sometimes
  • Cheap material

8. Top Notch Earbuds For Audiobooks


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Being better than AirPods and surpassing from different aspects, is a different kind of distinction and these earbuds hold such distinction while compromising on the least features. It’s a complete wrap of perfect grip, comfort, built and obviously, sound quality.


Powerbeats are comfortable to wear, being extremely lightweight, these earbuds do not hang down your ears. You’ll find a pair of hooks on the top of each earbud that has to be fixed right behind the ears. It refrains them from falling or slipping away because any slight gap in your ear canal can aid in sound leakage. So, it is better to ensure the grip or else there’ll be a lack of detail.

The fit is too perfect that’s it is neither harsh on the ears, nor is it lose. This makes these earbuds to get their job done in various activities like audiobooks listening, gymming, running, or any sort of activity that needs background thump.


As the earpieces almost excel in all properties. There’s a major flaw at the noise cancellation end. Although you get superb noise cancellation and provides a segregated booth in places with minor distractions, in rushy or noisy areas, you will hear almost all of the ambient noises on approx.

For this reason, try specifying them for quitter environments just like your own room, lounge, while traveling on a road that’s not thickly jammed, etc. or else the excellent sound production will be nullified by the excessive noise penetration and you’ll lose the whole bunch of details and enjoyment.


· Sweat and water-resistant.

· 9 hours of battery life, that’s far more than enough, you can listen to your audiobooks daily without getting it charged for 2 to 3 days

· Perfect Bluetooth connection, no distortion in voice

· If you’re in a sort of isolated room, you’ll experience spacious sound and clarity in each end


  • Premium built
  • Punchy bass
  • Brightened-up trebles, give the audio a touch of liveliness
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Perfect fit for all sizes


  • Mids are recessed
  • Not appreciable noise cancellation

9. Best Apple Earbuds For Audiobooks


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These are well-engineered pairs of earbuds with marvelous features. The new model even surpassed the original apple AirPods. The proficient design offers extra features.


The lightweight AirPods are best for an extended period of use. These miniature-sized buds snuggle to your ears well, imposing a gentle grip. You’ll get an extra pair of silicone ear tips so that it fits exactly in your ear canal. After plugging them in your ears, you might even forget that you’re wearing them.

The stem of the AirPods is small. It won’t hand down your ears. As the controls are touch censored, and it’s all controlled by the stem, so better enable control features carefully.


Noise cancellation is one of the high spots of AirPods that adds joy. Apple AirPods offer the best noise cancellation, whether you’re in the gym, your room, or even near a construction site. Ambient nuisance will fade down to almost zero. Because of this, you don’t have to crank up the volume at noisy sites, you can easily enjoy your music on a harmless level without damaging your eardrums.

The outstanding noise cancellation paves way for the enhancement and upgrade of other features as well. It automatically makes the bass more prominent and rich. You’ll hear all crisps without cutting off the highs or vaguing the lows. Plus, the mid-range is perfect too, the vocals are very powering.


· 9 hours battery life

· The Bluetooth pairing is quick and reliable without any dropouts

· Voice over is too clear

· Sweat resistant 

· Perfect noise cancellation lets you listen easily even in noisy environments.


  • Durable material.
  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable.
  • The touch sensors are responsive.
  • EQ presets are effective.
  • Strong bass response and mid-frequency is very bright


  • Costly
  • Slightly loosened the grip

10. Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Audiobooks


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Last but not the least, we have these inexpensive pair of earbuds that provides a better sound experience. Don’t get brushed away with its low price because it has actually some perfect features, plus the deal’s not bad, its literally below 30$.


The matte contoured earbuds have got a simple but elegant look. just like their design, they’re functionality is quite simple too. The material is not cheap first of all, its reliable and it can bear minor strikes. They’re lightweight and they perfectly fit inside you earcanal and direct all the sound waves to your ear.

Coming up to the earbuds, the tips are rubbery and flexible. They wont feel tight but they’ll never fall. Its more like you’re wearing nothing.


With such a low price, these earbuds manage to deliver balanced and organic sound. they do not support ANC but the design itself is better to block some frequencies, just to avoid distraction that breaks the tempo. But if you’re expecting an extraordinary noise isolating mechanism from a pair of 25$ earbuds, that’s not what you’ll get.

The overall performance is good if you get into the details. You’ll enjoy mid-range somewhat submerged in the deep warm bass. A drawback again, that you might not get joyful participation of highs, they are not detailed. But one again, the overall performance is worth mentioning.


  • Quick usb-c charging
  • 5.0 bluetooth version with an undistorted paired cionnection 
  • 6 hours playback time with a single charge
  • IPX7 water resistance rating


  • Inexpensive pair of earbuds
  • Stronger bass and sub-bass
  • The instrumental tunes can be distinguished easily
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Poor noise cancellation

How To Find The Best Earbuds For Listening  To Audio Books:

The following factors should be considered if you are looking for audiobooks earbuds. they will help you to narrow down your search. 


Sound quality is the main feature of listening to audiobooks. The ultimate reason for using audiobooks is to retain concentration and convenience. But what if your earbuds are the main contributor to a lack of concentration? The distorted audio is making you lose your tempo or the unclear sound is making it difficult to understand the pronunciation or meaning? 

That’d be a huge drawback for sure! To overcome such flaws, if you can, you better have a sound check before buying the earbuds. The aim of such earbuds is not ordinary, it is to be used for sole voice-over purposes. You won’t need any type of bass, treble, or background thump. All you need is a crystal-clear-sounding pair of earbuds. So better choose top-rate sounding earbuds.


If you’re up for buying a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, do check its connectivity for reliance. The recurring disconnections will make you lose your interest, you can’t relax neither can you concentrate nor keep a track of what’s being read. 

Better opt for the earbuds that encompass the maximum range of area under its access. Plus, make sure that your sound doesn’t mess up by nearby signal transmission, or else you might waste hours fixing the connectivity errors.

On the other hand, if you’re buying wired earbuds, test the wiring and the fabric. Make sure it doesn’t get torn off easily. Plus, the wiring must be tough, so you can use them to be carefree.


Comfort is the main issue when it comes to regular and frequent users. If the stuff is not sweat-resistant and water-resistant or if the shape of the earbuds is making your ear fatigue easily,  you won’t be able to enjoy the audiobooks. 

Better look for comfy stuff that fixes gently in your ear. Talking about the fit, the ear size varies from person to person. So, fix these earbuds in your ear, properly, to know whether these earbuds are suitable for frequent usage or not, or else you’ll find yourself fatiguing even after a short span.


It’s not offered by all of the earbuds, but if you get a pair of earbuds with a noise cancellation mechanism, it’d ultimately affect the sound performance too. 

You can wear such earbuds everywhere, even to those sites where listening to the audio is totally impossible. It will let you isolate completely so that other minor details are audible.