5 Best Gaming Headsets For Fps Shooters (Budget: Under $150)

It took us hours to compile this list of best gaming headsets for fps shooters. These headphones are suitable for nearly all games types, but in specific, they are made for FPS gaming. 

Those who are in a hurry, and know already enough about headphones, can jump straight to the reviews section. The others should stick with us. 

FPS gaming experience, as the keen gamers would attest to, requires two senses in the human body to be truly exceptional: sight and hearing. A power gaming pc and Monitor setup would afford you solid visuals, but to get a complete competitive advantage, you would have to get your hands on an equally powerful gaming headset.

 To cut through all the fluff, an immersive gaming experience is an absolute necessity for FPS shooters. And it is not possible without a decent pair of headsets. As there are a myriad of choices, hundreds if not thousands of solid gaming headphones available on the market, it gets really hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

That is where we come in. Here we have added a detailed buying guide: a set of features you must look for in an fps gaming headset. The FAQS at the end of this article will surely add great value to your life( Do give it a read). And lastly, we have critically and thoroughly reviewed each fps headset.

What To Look For In The Best Gaming Headsets For Fps Shooters?


A good fps headphone doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. But, that doesn’t mean that you prioritize the tempting cheap price of the headphones over the must-have features like comfortability and sound quality. 

A good pair will cost you between $50-150 depending upon the compromises you are willing to make in accordance with the budget range. The best gaming headset for fps shooters should be the mean between two extremes: the price on the one end and high-end features on the other. 


A gaming headset should be comfortable above all else, and the fps headphones are no different. Make sure that it has an over-ear design and soft padding for added comfortability for the head and the ears. The headband should be adjustable so that it snuggly fit on the head. 

As FPS gamers play for hours without break, it is of absolute importance that no part of the headset irritates the user. The best way to ensure this is to choose the headset with the most smooth padding material. 

Noise Cancellation:

Both active and passive noise cancellation is imperative for an immersive gaming experience. And as mentioned earlier, the fps gaming experience is lacking without it. 

An open-back design should always be skipped, as the sound leaked from the earcups eventually enters into the mic. And, If the gamer is on voice chat, this seemingly insignificant affair will annoy team players to the extent that they might think twice before playing with him/her again.

The active cancellation is usually found in high-end, expensive headsets which have special sensors to identify and minimize the discordant notes. Any closed back, over-ear headphones will provide some degree of Passive cancellation. It is the type and quality of material that maximize the cancellation of ambient noise.  

Sound Quality:

Obviously, the sound quality is not something to compromise on. FPS players know it all too well. For a gaming headphone to deliver top-notch performance, it must be outfitted with large drivers and enough bass to make the shooting experience closer to reality. 

Good sound quality also aids in noise cancellation and therefore ensures an immersive experience for FPS gamers.

The best FPS headsets must fulfill  the following criteria:

  • Sound pressure level Or sensitivity

SPL determines how loud the sound can go. Ideally, it should touch the point right after which you can be susceptible to Noise-induced hearing loss. As FPS gamers rely on directional audio clues, they tend to use the headphones with the volume set to the maximum limit. The headphones, therefore, must have a cap on the maximum volume. (85-120 dB SPL)

  • The drivers should be large enough (greater than 40mm)

The size of the driver is the direct indicator of the sound quality, especially for base performance. As a rule of thumb, the driver size should be greater than 40mm for FPS games.

  • The impedance should be high

Though impedance may not have as significant an effect on sound quality as the size of a driver has, it should be high to make the sound more transparent and clearer.  An impedance greater than 25 Ohm is ideal for an fps shooting headphone. 

  • Total harmonic distortion should be minimum (TDH)

TDH is measured in percentage, and for first-person shooting games, it should be less than 1%.

  • Frequency response range should be wide 

Frequency response is simply the range of audio frequencies the headphones can reproduce. Ideally, a headset should have it in the range of 20-20,000Hz. 

Surround Sound:

We have discussed in detail the importance of surround sound in FPS gaming in the FAQ section. Without it, all the charm of competitive gaming will be lost as there will be no directional audio clues to give you an advantage over your competitors. 

Preferably, you should opt for 7.1 surround sound to get the most out of a headset while playing competitive AAA titles. It might break the bank, and yet would be worth each and every penny you invest in it. 

Build quality:

The headphone should be durable enough, but the strength should not come at the expense of comfort. For instance, you should pick a headphone with a slightly high weight as they are popular for their longevity, but keep in mind that being an FPS gamer you would use them for long gaming sessions without breaks. The weight should not be too high that it becomes unbearable for you. 

Next, you should make sure that the headband has solid construction. Cheap plastic headbands should be outrightly dismissed, whereas metal bands with foam padding should be your preference. The same goes for the ear cups. 


Wired headphones are most suitable for FPS shooters; whereas wireless headphones will do just fine. But why?

Wireless headphones allow you the freedom to move around, and they might last longer than the wired ones (there is always a chance of accidentally snapping the wire), but they have one major flaw.

 A great majority of fps gamers have experienced a sound lag in wireless headphones, which is due mainly to the slow connectivity technology. At the right time, this drawback will be overcome. Moreover, wireless headphones need to be charged after a few hours of usage.

On the contrary, wired headphones have minimum audio lag and don’t require charging. 


As FPS games usually involve team matches, you need a good quality mic with the gaming headphone to effectively communicate with your partners over the video chat. It should not pick up the wrong audio signal, deliver a crystal clear sound, is maneuverable, and last but not least it should not break easily. 

Top 5 best gaming headsets for fps Shooter (Budget under $150)

HyperX Cloud Revolver S
Razer Nari Ultimate
Sennheiser GAME ZERO
SteelSeries Arctis 7
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1. Best All-Rounder Gaming Headsets For FPS:

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

 out of stock
as of September 22, 2023 6:04 am

Design: Over-Ear | Driver size: 50 mm  | Build Quality: (Headband: Steel Frame, Earcups: Memory Foam, Weight: 1.75 lbs ) | Noise Cancellation: Yes (Passive) | Mic: Noise cancellation mic | Connectivity: Wired, USB | Surround Sound: 7.1

What we Like:

HyperX has many attractive and competitively priced gaming headset to its credit. Revolver S has been designed to take Fps gaming to a whole next level. The fact that it is outfitted with Dolbly powered surround 7.1 sound makes it supremely covetous for gamers who rely on directional audio clues.

Next, we found the build quality of these headphones to be outstanding. The headband is made up of steel frame, strong and sturdy, and it can withstand the wear and tear of time and usage. The Earcups are of memory foam with closed back design for added comfort and noise cancellation respectively. 

Last but not least, the advanced audio control box allows you to tweak with the volume on the go, and to switch between different modes. For FPS gaming, it comes very handy.

What we didn’t like:

The heavy metal design has rendered these headsets a durable build, but it has also contributed to the overall weight of the headphones. These headsets are a little heavier than other FPS headsets. Although not uncomfortable at first, they might become unbearable to wear after over prolonged gaming sessions. 

The detachable mic is not as reliable as the company tout it to be. It seems unreasonable for the company to cut corners here when they are charging a pretty handsome price for the headsets. 

Bottom Line: 

Although gaming, and especially the fps gaming, is the big sell of these headphones, you can also use it to watch TV series or to listen to music. Its large drivers pump out crystal-clear sound with deep base, an absolute must have feature for headsets.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S


2. Best Wireless Gaming Headsets For FPS:

Razer Nari Ultimate

 in stock
12 new from $102.99
20 used from $48.94
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2023 6:04 am

Design: Over-Ear | Driver size: 50 mm  | Build Quality: (Headband: Aluminium Frame, Earcups: memory foam with cooling gel, Weight: 0.95 ) | Noise Cancellation: Yes (Passive) | Mic: retractable | Connectivity: Wireless, battery included | Surround Sound: 7.1

What we Like:

A flawless sound and a supreme build quality are the basic requirements for entry on our best budget gaming headphones for the FPS shooters list. Razer Nari Ultimate delivers much more than that. It is featuring Haptic Technology to immerse users deeper into the games. The vibrations and the surround sound from 7 speakers put gamers’ ears right at the center of the action. 

Next, we were particularly impressed by the comfortable build of the headphones. Razer has done a much better job than Hyper X with its aluminum, lightweight headband. The ear cups have gone one step further from memory foam to adding cooling gel, so gamers don’t sweat more often.

Lastly, due to its wireless design, it allows you the freedom to freely move around with your headsets on. It remains connected within the 12 m range.

What we didn’t like:

The retractable mic gives the headsets quite a sleek look, but they are not as good as they should be given the price point. Though others may compromise, FPS shooters should think twice. They would have to compromise on effective communication with their team players. 

Bottom Line: 

If you care about the tactical response, this wireless headset is bound to take your FPS gaming experience to the ultimate level. But apart from pc, it is also suitable for gaming on PS4, XBOX, and Nintendo switch.

Razer Nari Ultimate

3.Best Noise Cancelling Gaming headsets for FPS shooters:

Sennheiser GAME ZERO

$72.99  in stock
10 new from $72.98
12 used from $41.66
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2023 6:04 am

Design: Over-Ear | Driver size: 50 mm  | Build Quality: (Headband: Robust metal Frame, Earcups: leatherette memory foam, Weight: 0.66 ) | Noise Cancellation: Yes (Passive) | Mic: Boom arm | Connectivity: Wired | Surround Sound: No

What we Like:

We were seriously in a dilemma to include these headsets in our list. The reason? They have no surround sound even though many inexpensive models have it. Conversely, they were one of the finest noise cancellation headsets in the market. And they have a comfortable fit, quality finish, and more besides. 

With these headsets, FPS gamers might have to give up the surround sound for crystal clear performance, a durable build, and a mic par excellence. A tough choice, but those who are not the hard-core type can settle for it. 

One of the most overlooked features which we found pretty handy is the foldable design. The headsets can easily collapse into a much smaller unit and comfortably fit inside the hand carry to take to the LAN parties or store at home.

What we didn’t like:

Without a doubt, we were exasperated to find out that it doesn’t come with the surround sound. Given the hefty price tag, it was a major disappointment for us. However, noise cancellation and above par convinced us to add it to the list.

The leatherette ear cups of these headsets might make you profusely sweat, and if you live in a humid or hot environment, you can’t use them for long hours. 

Bottom Line: 

The FPS gamers who are looking for decent all-rounder headphones, or who prioritize noise cancellation and sound quality over every other feature, these headsets are the right fit. Plus, they are also suitable for video calls and other regular usage. 

Sennheiser GAME ZERO

4. Best Noise Cancelling Gaming headsets for FPS shooters:

SteelSeries Arctis 7

 out of stock
as of September 22, 2023 6:04 am

Design: Over-Ear | Driver size: 40 mm  | | Noise Cancellation: Yes (Passive) | Mic: retractable | Connectivity: Wireless, battery included | Surround Sound: DTS Headphone:X

What we Like:

The big sell for SteelSeries Arctis 7 is surely the DTS Headphone:X technology. It is not just an ordinary surround sound, but rather a 3D mapping of the sound. The company has done a tremendous job to enhance bass rendering and audio clarity. The tech is so effective that whenever a shot is fired in the gameplay, you will be able to judge the distance of the shooter. 

Using near-field and far-field technology, DTH Headphone:X 2.0 convinces the brain that a shot came right past your ear, was a few feet away, or a half a map away. It was the key features that compelled us to include it in our list of the best gaming headphones for FPS shooters. 

This award-winning headset has the longest battery life, of about 16 hours, and remains connected up to the distance of 12m (40 ft).

Apart from the seamless wireless connectivity, the feature we truly loved about these headphones is that they are comfortable and powerful enough to last for marathon gaming sessions.

What we didn’t like:

To ease the strain on your wallet, we have not added the original headset but rather the refurbished version of it. The original headset right out of the box is very expensive, and as we added a cap of $150 budget for all the headsets in this article, we could not have included it.

The refurbished versions are as good as the new ones, but let’s call a spade a spade, they are not without fault. 

Bottom Line:

If you can trust refurbished products, they are the best affordable wireless gaming headsets. FPS gamers would be a dilemma to choose SteelSeries Arctis 7 over Razer Nari Ultimate, but in our opinion, the former is aesthetically appealing and compact in design. Plus, it is superior in performance by a slight margin.

SteelSeries Arctis 7

5. Best Value Gaming Headsets For FPS: 


 in stock
21 new from $137.85
2 used from $54.98
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2023 6:04 am

Design: Over-Ear | Driver size: 50 mm  | Build Quality: (Headband: Reinforced steel Frame, Earcups: Protein leather, Weight: 0.8 lb ) | Noise Cancellation: Yes (Passive) | Mic: Boom arm | Connectivity: Wired | Surround Sound: No

What we Like:

The feature we loved cannot be other than Quad-DAC technology as you may find it yourself after using it for some time. The company touts it to be an FPS headphone for a reason: a clear distinction in sound quality from other headsets while playing games like DOOM and PUBG.

The Quad-DAC delivers a clearer sound because it processes lows, mid’s, high, and ultra-high frequency audio to do so. The sound is accurate and precise which allows you to make a quick judgment and improve your reaction time. 

Moreover, these headsets have a Durable build quality. The headband has a dependable reinforced stainless steel construction, whereas, the ear cups are titled and have protein leather cushioning for better noise cancellation and comfortability. 

These gaming cans have a visually appealing design (especially the RGB Lightning) which adds class to your other gaming peripherals. It has a compact design, so FPS gamers can take them to LAN parties. 

The boom mic effectively cancels ambient noise and has an LED Light to indicate that it is mute. 

What we didn’t like:

It is really a shame that we don’t have surround sound in these headsets, an absolute must for the FPS gamers. The Quad-DAC and Surround Sound would have been a deadly combination, but the company preferred to feature both in advanced, expensive models. 

Bottom Line: 

It is an impressive piece of kit, a valuable addition to your gaming peripherals. The Quad-DACs give it unparalleled sound and makes FPS gaming additionally immersive. Apart from that, it has a comfortable and elegant build at attractive price points. 

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What is the difference between a first-person shooting game (FPS) and a third-person shooting (TPS) game? 

As the name suggests, first-person shooting games show the gameplay in a way that you will feel like you have somehow incarnated into the player’s body. You will see the action through the eyes of the player character. It will have the same limitations as you might feel while shooting enemies in real-time. The field of view will be limited to what the character can see. 

To put it simply, if you can see the crosshair on the screen, or cannot see the character, you are playing a first-person shooting game. 

It is difficult to keep track of enemies and the direction of damage they do to you in FPS games. Surround headphones can be a great help to listen to enemy steps and to retaliate to the enemy’s offensive. 

In almost all cases, multiplayer games are FPS-based. To mention a few, Call Of Duty, Overwatch, Counter-Strike, Halo Infinite, etc.

Third-person shooting games, on the other hand, show the character on screen. In this mode, the camera is slightly behind and a little above the character’s line of sight and the character often blocks the field of view which is annoying for many. 

You will have a better view of the surroundings and how your character interacts with them. Also, it is easy to keep track of the direction from where the damage is being done to the character. 

Usually the single-person, story mode games are Third person shooting games (TPS). Famous names include Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, and GTA 5. 

What type of headphones are best for fps shooters?

If you have not already read the buying guide, I would urge you to scroll up and read it keenly. But if you are lazy like me, I will summarize it for you here.

Best headphones for fps games must fulfill the prerequisite for decent gaming headphones. It must be comfortable, It must have a sturdy build and it must be wired to avoid any video lag. 

If it meets these criteria, make sure it has to surround sound (most preferably 7.1) so your ears can be right in the middle of the action. It will help you to keep track of even minute details (enemy’s footstep) to get a competitive advantage over other players. 

Next, you should look for an over-ear design with both passive and active noise cancellation. And lastly, you must prioritize a good mic for a seamless gaming experience. 

Stereo Vs Surround headphones for Fps games? What should we prefer?

Stereo Vs Surround Headphones? 

If you can afford it, Surround headphones are best for FPS Shooters. They are a little expensive, but can really give you the competitive advantage you desperately need in a first-person shooting game. 

To have a better idea of how surround sound promises an advantage to users, let’s find out what separates surround sound from stereos sound.

Surround sound: the no of speakers that create this sound should be at least three, and most preferably 5 or 7. The subwoofer is a must.

The incoming audio signal is passed through a mixer and is reproduced on the speakers to create a sound field. The sound field is very much closer to reality and therefore ensures an immersive experience. 

In FPS games, you would definitely want to know whether the enemy is approaching from the rear side of it just opened fire from the left. 

Stereo sound: the no of speakers that create this sound are two. A subwoofer is usually absent. The incoming audio signal is mixed into two tracks (Left and Right). 

With stereo sound, you won’t have a clue what hit you in the FPS gameplay, and your gaming performance will suffer. 

Headphones Vs Speakers for Fps gaming? What should we prefer?

We would definitely prefer headphones. Why? They provide a more immersive gaming experience: surrounding noises don’t ruin our gaming experience. Plus, the sound from the speakers doesn’t pass into the mic. (it interrupts the voice chat with the partners). Lastly, and most importantly, you are so submerged in the game that you can easily pick directional audio clues for your advantage.

The speakers on the other hand offer one definitive advantage. They don’t cut you off completely from the surrounding sounds which in many cases is preferable. (emergency situation)You are less likely to fall prey to Noise-induced hearing loss with headphones, and also will enjoy a sweat-free gaming experience. 

In the end, the choice depends on your preference. 

You may also enjoy headphones that don’t leak sound