Best Mouse for Drag Clicking In 2023

If you are looking for the best mouse for drag-clicking for playing games like Minecraft and other competitive games where high CPS is needed, you came to the right place.

Drag Clicking is a clicking tactic much talked about amongst the gaming community. It got its name from the exact action that it imitates; the dragging motion.

The dragging motion over the surface of the mouse results in the registration of multiple clicks per second. This technique is also called Fazer tapping but Drag Clicking is the most popular term for it.

It is used to boost click per second ratio. The gaming community of Minecraft as well as Roblox swear by drag-clicking techniques.

While learning the technique itself is not dependent on having a particular mouse, it certainly helps if the build and performance of the mouse complement the drag-clicking technique. A lot of factors are taken into consideration to find the best drag-clicking mouse.

Features such as coating, buttons, grip styles and CPI rate make all the difference. In fact, some mice have special features in their gaming software that make them a strong candidate for best mouse for drag clicking. Intrigued much? Read on to learn more.

Top 10 Mouse for Drag Clicking:

1.   Logitech G403 HERO

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Specs and FeaturesProduct
Weight 130 g
Size4.9 x 2.6 x 1.7 inches
RGB Lighting:Yes
SensorOptical (LED) HERO 25K
Hand orientationRight-Handed

The Logitech G403 HERO is equipped with the famous HERO sensor that allows it to deliver a mind-blowing gaming performance.

Build and Design

The Logitech G403 HERO has a soft-textured body that is smooth to touch. It has a humble design with no startling edges or angles.

Its minimalistic look adds to its pro-level reputation. All black in color, the ‘G’ logo sits on top of the mouse with illuminating grace.

It has an elevated hump at the back of its body, yet it still has the potential to be used for hours. The shape of the mouse makes it suitable for only right-handed people, who can use the mouse with any style of grip.

Hand size will only be an issue for small-handed people who can still continue using the mouse, but with a palm grip only.

It is a wonderful choice for drag clicking because it has Solid buttons, that not only are easy to click but are also placed higher to avoid chances of misclicks.

These buttons respond with a minimal amount of pressure and are not overly sensitive. Moreover, the grippy surface on the scroll wheel assures a faster scroll.

Feedback is registered for each scroll wheel click.


The HERO 25K sensor is arguably one of the fastest in the market right now. Even the smallest movement of the mouse translates to movement on the screen.

This is due to the outstanding range of the HERO sensor. As far as polling rate is concerned, it is a standard 1000 Hz.

Logitech G403 HERO is compatible with the G HUB software by Logitech. It is detailed software with a neat interface, that is easy to tweak around with.

The customization options are plenty. From performance configuration to button reprogramming to stylizing the RGB lights, the G HUB does all this and more.

One more feature that gamers would appreciate is that profile saving is possible, for specific games that they have been playing.

However, onboard memory only allows them to switch between one personalized profile.


  • Super sensitive to movement
  • Crisp buttons
  • Easy to navigate software


  • Limited Onboard Memory

2.   Roccat Kone Aimo – Best Roccat Mouse For drag clicking

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Specs and FeaturesProduct
Weight 162 g
Size5.1 x 3.3 x 1.7 inches
DPIUp to 16,000 CPI
RGB Lighting:5-Zone RGB
SensorOptical (LED) Owl-Eye
Hand orientationRight-Handed

With the Roccat Kone Aimo, Roccat has broken away from its outrageous sharply defined gaming mice, and instead opted for something that looks more practical.

Build and Design

The Kone Aimo is a wired mouse marketed by the Roccat Manufacturers as the best Drag Clicking mouse.

It has a sleek design that caters to the demands for a more premium-looking mouse. The mouse comes in two colors, black and white.

It is suitable for right-handed people only, and specifically those who practice a palm grip. The frame of the mouse is big, but surprisingly the weight of the mouse is not too much.

There is a translucent covering on the main two buttons of the mouse, that set the scene for the RGB lighting to really POP.

The mouse is covered in a soft-feeling plastic. The texture is not rubberized and is bound to leave some fingerprints, but they can easily be wiped off.

For people who practice drag clicking and repeatedly find their fingers over the left and right buttons of the mouse, they need not worry about leaving spots and wearing out the mouse surface.

Thus, the neat design of the mouse coupled with a soft-feeling plastic work together to give the mouse a professional outlook.  


The Roccat Kone Aimo has a maximum CPI of 12,000 courtesy of its Roccat Owl-Eye sensor. It allows for lift-off distance and polling rate configuration.

The sensor ensures minimal jitter, which is something people who use drag clicking techniques would prefer in their mice.

The functions on the buttons of the mouse can be shifted between each other, the second set of programmed buttons can be assigned.

Another interesting feature is that not only can the mouse switch between 5 profiles, but it also comes with pre-made profiles for some of the famous games.


  • Various Customization options
  • Built-in profiles
  • Programmable buttons


  • Expensive

3.   Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC

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Specs and FeaturesProduct
Weight 85g
Size116 x 62 x 38 mm
DPI8,000 dpi
RGB Lighting:No
Hand orientationRight handed 

The G203 LIGHTSYNC model was introduced by Logitech, the leading mouse-making company, for people who prefer using mice smaller in size.

Build and Design

The Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC comes with a body smaller than the average gaming mouse in the market. Its small size puts it in the category of mini mice.

For people with small hands who like drag clicking, this is definitely the pick for best mouse for drag clicking. Its shape is ideal for fingertip grip.

However, those with other grip styles can make the mouse work them as well.

The mouse may be small in size, but it is not very light. It weighs medium and has a sloping design. There is no hump on the lower side, but it is comfortable to hold regardless.

Unlike most ergonomic mice, Logitech G203 refrains from guiding the hand into a particular position. Instead, it opts for a balanced body which allows users to assume a comfortable hand position as per their own preference.

The base of the mouse is raised, from right to left, which compensates for the lower stature of the mouse. The hand does not feel unusually low while using this mouse.


The mouse has consistent tracking which is the result of its 8,000 CPI sensor. It can track accurately for as much as 200 inches per second.

Other mice by Logitech offer a much higher CPI, but the difference is barely noticeable in most cases.

The Logitech software called G Hub can be used to configure and customize G203 Lightsync’s functions. It is simple to use and provides users with various customization options.

They can reprogram buttons,  switch up profiles, create macros, and change RGB settings. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS.


  • Well-Built body
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Various Customization options


  • Not suitable for large hands
  • Wired Only

4.   SteelSeries Prime Wireless

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Specs and FeaturesProduct
Weight 80g
Size125.3 mm x 59 mm x 23 mm
RGB Lighting:1 RGB Zone
Connectivity2.4GHz / Wireless
SensorSteelSeries TrueMove Air, Optical
Hand OrientationErgonomic, Right-Handed

The SteelSeries Prime Wireless mouse comes equipped with the latest technology known as Quantum 2.0 Wireless.

The company claims that the incorporation of this technology assures that there is no difference in performance from a Wired mouse.

Build and Design

SteelSeries Prime Wireless has a clean design, nothing too fancy or over the top. There is a textured finish to the mouse that helps with grip and minimizes the chances of slippery fingers while gaming.

People who use drag clicking in gaming can probably understand just how frustrating it is to have fingers slide off the mouse during a gaming session.

The mouse is light in weight and has a plastic body. In the hand, it feels sturdy. It utilizes Teflon, which are PFTE feet that glide wonderfully across all surfaces.  

It is compatible with people of all hand sizes and works with most grip styles as well. People with large hands can even use this mouse with the fingertip grip style.

However, the side buttons maybe a little too small for them to reach.


The TrueMove Pro optical sensor is here to deliver accuracy while tracking with the SteelSeries Prime Wireless. Its sensitivity can be adjusted up to 18,000.

It can be changed both via the software and the dedicated mouse button. Players can set it according to their preference for drag-clicking purposes.

A lightning-fast response with this mouse is possible owing to the magnetic optical switches it uses. The difference in performance from traditional mice is hard to miss.

Each click is crisp and accurate, which is something those who use rapid clicking techniques will appreciate.


  • Magnetic Switches
  • Several Feet
  • Adjustable Sensitivity


  • Side buttons could be bigger
  • Simple-Looking

5.   Reddragon M711 Cobra

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Specs and FeaturesProduct
Weight 99 g
Size5.0 x 2.6 x 1.6 inches
DPI100 to 10000
Buttons7 (7 out of 9) are customizable
RGB Lighting:No
ConnectivityWired, USB
SensorOptical, PMW3360
Hand orientationright-handed ergonomic

Contrary to what the name suggests, the Reddragon M711 Cobra is not a very large mouse. It is designed specifically for swift movements.

Build and Design

Reddragon M711 Cobra mimics the design of mice marketed for FPS gaming. It sports a slim body and is rather short in size.

The top of the mouse has a slight curvature and feels soft to touch. The lower part of the mouse constitutes textured sides with sturdy plastic.

At a reasonable price such as this, the body of the mouse surprisingly imitates elite mice when it comes to incorporating elements for a stable grip.

For games that demand quick in-the-moment decisions, this mouse is perfect. It is a good Minecraft mouse for drag clicking because of its well-balanced body.

It feels durable, as well as smooth. There are two thumb buttons, on the side of the mouse.

These are each made of different materials so that players need not divert their attention by looking down during drag clicking.

They can simply feel the texture of the button to identify which button they are pressing. 


The Reddragon M711 has a sensor range of 10,000, which is fully adjustable.

There are no complaints about the precision and tracking speed of the mouse. Frankly, at this price point, it is offering more than enough.

Many additional customizations are possible through the website of Redragon. All buttons can be fully reprogrammed.

Even the scroll wheel, which can be assigned a convenient pause ‘n play feature. RGB lighting can be customized as well, but only for 3 of the lighting effects.

The other 4 do not have customization options.


  • Economical
  • Differently Textured thumb buttons
  • In-depth software


  • Limited RGB customization

6.   RazerDeath Adder Elite

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Specs and FeaturesProduct
Weight 105 g
Size127 mm x 70 mm x 44 mm
Buttons7 independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
RGB Lighting:Yes
Sensora (modified) 3389 sensor
Hand orientationErgonomic right-handed

The RazerDeath Adder Elite showcases the classic Deathadder design from previous years, but it is certainly an upgrade from previous models.

Build and Design

The Death Adder Elite almost passes for a posh professional mouse, if not for the symbolic claw design protruding at the front of the mouse.

The matte black finish of the mouse, and the slim lines, give it a sleek look, making it the exterior of a hybrid gaming and business mouse.

It goes well with all hand sizes, as long as they stick to a palm grip style.

The arches and contours of the RazerDeath Adder Elite make it a handsome candidate for the best drag-clicking mouse.

The extended fit on the right edge of the mouse provides for pinky support. Additionally, the slight hump at the front of the mouse fits beautifully under the index finger.

Both these features complement the drag clicking, as the pinky finger needs a comfortable place to rest, while the index finger requires an ergonomic base to exercise the drag clicking technique.

Another ergonomic feature is the textured scroll wheel, which has bumps on it to prevent injuries from repetitive strain on the fingers.


The DeathAdder Elite allows players to toggle between 5 DPI settings, with the maximum DPI value being 16K and the minimum 100.

The polling rate of the mouse is 1000 Hz, and the click latency is fairly low, which promises a satisfactory gaming experience.

The software that comes with the mouse offers many useful features, with Mouse Calibration taking the top spot perhaps.

The Synapse software allows users to calibrate mouse response time across any surface. This is useful for people using clicking techniques, such as Jitter Clicking.

There are a total of 9 buttons that can be reassigned functions. Unfortunately, there is no profile-switching button on the mouse.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Sleek and Professional Look
  • Allows Mouse Calibration


  • No Profile Switching Button

7.   Glorious Model O

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Specs and FeaturesProduct
Weight Matte Models: 67 grams | Glossy Models: 68 grams
Size128 mm x 66 mm x 37.5 mm
RGB Lighting:Yes
SensorOmron Mechanical Rated For 20 Million Clicks
Hand orientationIdeal for MEDIUM to LARGE sized hands

The Glorious Model O was built with the vision to bring aesthetic and cool designs back to gaming equipment, and rightly so, because who says you can’t do serious gaming and look cool while you do it?

Build and Design

The Glorious Model O is a comfortable ambidextrous mouse. There are no buttons on the right side of the mouse, yet it can work with any hand size and most grip styles.

It has a solid body, that feels like a decent quality build, despite being made of all plastic. The holes in the mouse keep it lightweight and allow for ventilation during gaming.

Thus, you no longer have to worry about sweaty palms with this mouse.

The mouse is durable all over. When squeezed, it does not rattle under pressure. Its durability shines again when it comes to the Omron switches the mouse uses.

Built for intense clicking, it has the potential to be the best mouse for Drag Clicking. These Omron switches can sustain up to 20 million clicks. 

The motive behind drag clicking is to achieve maximum clicks per second, so a mouse such as this, is guaranteed to last quite a while.


The Glorious Model O has a maximum CPI of 12K, and a minimum of 400. Its polling rate is standard; 1000.

This is common for most mice of this category. The mouse performance falls short when it comes to MMO gaming but debounce feature of the mouse promises higher Clicks per second, which is essentially what people who employ drag clicking techniques are looking for.

The Glorious software does not offer a lot but offers all that is necessary. Macros and Profiles are fairly easy to configure.

However, players can only switch between profiles through the software and not directly through the mouse.


  • Omron Switches
  • Ambidextrous
  • Easy-to-use software


  • No profile switching button
  • Not suitable for MMO gaming

8.   Roccat Kain 200 AIMO

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Specs and FeaturesProduct
Weight 104 grams
Size4.88 x 2.56 x 1.69 inches
DPI16000 dpi
Buttons8, Incl. Omron® switches
RGB Lighting:AIMO illumination – RGB Backlighting and LED lighting effects
ConnectivityWired/Wireless combo mouse
SensorOwl-Eye optical sensor, PixArt PMW3335
Hand orientationRight-Handed, Titan clicking

Another mouse by Roccat has made it on to our list for the best mouse for drag clicking. It is highly popular amongst the gaming community that uses the drag clicking technique.

Build and Design

The body of the mouse is covered in rubber. However, the coating is high quality as it does not wear out and get shiny over time.

It is smoother and slicker than the average matte coating. It takes into consideration both ergonomics and grip.

Thus, the mouse feels well-built. It is not for left-handed people. However, those who use their right hand for gaming can use it with practically any grip style, regardless of their hand size.

These titan clicks are designed specifically to deliver the fastest and crispiest clicks. They are durable and their player feedback is exceptional.

Combining the drag clicking technique with a mouse that is designed to encourage most clicks per second is sure to give you an advantage over opponents in gaming.


The Roccat Kain 200 AIMO has a maximum CPI of 15,000. It has minimum click latency and four polling rate options.

Users can choose between 125Hz to 1000Hz. It accelerates up to 40G and has a max velocity of 4000 IPS.

The mouse has a long-lasting battery life of 35 hours and can allow up to 50 hours of gameplay if the lights on the mouse are not illuminated.

It is equipped with high-end technology that speeds up the processing of mouse clicks, causing the mouse to register them up to 16ms faster than usual mice.

Additionally, it comes with six programmable buttons, and the ability to assign another layer of commands.


  • Programmable buttons
  • Power Efficient
  • Multiple Polling Rate options


  • Bulky

9.   CoolerMaster MM720

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Specs and FeaturesProduct
Weight 60g
Size4.6 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches
DPI7 Levels (400-800-1200(default)-1600-3200-6400-16000)
RGB Lighting:2-ZONE RGB
SensorMaster+ Software, PixArtPMW 3389
Hand orientationRight-Handed, palm and claw grip

The CoolerMaster MM720 accommodates all the typical features you expect from a gaming mouse and is a great fit for people who are just getting into gaming.

Build and Design

The CoolerMaster MM720 has a honeycomb shell and a lightweight cable that makes the mouse a breeze to move around.

The aesthetic of the mouse is enhanced by the RGB backlights. It also has a dedicated finger rest for the ring finger which is very convenient for drag clicking, because the practice of drag clicking involves proper placement of the fingers.

If the ring finger is resting comfortably, the index and middle finger can click with ease. Moreover, it reduces the chances of fingers slipping off. Players can control the mouse better while drag-clicking with the MM720.

This mouse is most suited to people who play with a claw-grip. It is a popular grip style for FPS gaming.

In this position, the hand is arched while the base of the palm lies on the mouse to encourage non-straining wrist movement.

A cluster of PTFE feet on the mouse reduces friction, resulting in a better gliding motion.


The petite frame of the MM720 is not indicative of a restrictive performance, in fact, it is the opposite. The Cooler MM720 comes equipped with various advanced-level features.

Players can choose between up to 7 DPI values, with the maximum being 16K DPI. They can switch between different DPI levels via the button the mouse, though the software will give them more options.

Speaking of more options, other features that can be changed through the software are the lighting settings, polling rate, macros, profile configuration, and more.

The ability to change button response time is what makes this mouse a powerful candidate for Drag Clicking. 

People who use the Drag Clicking technique can set the mouse response time to attain a high CPS rate.


  • Lightweight
  • Ring finger rest
  • Glides smoothly


  • Not suited for Palm Grip

10.  Glorious Model D

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as of September 21, 2023 11:10 pm
Specs and FeaturesProduct
Weight Matte Models: 68 grams | Glossy Models: 69 grams
Size (LxWxH)128 x 63 x 42 mm
RGB Lighting:3 Zone RGB
SensorPixart PMW3360
Hand orientationRight Handed

The Glorious Model D is a gaming mouse designed to be as lightweight and functional as possible.

Build and Design

The Glorious Model D comes in two colors, black and white. Players can also choose between the finishing, either glossed or matte.

The choice of coating gives players more freedom to work with the material they are more comfortable gliding their fingers over during Drag Clicking.

The mouse glides smoothly. If that is not enough, players can make use of the skates that come with them.

Hard plastic material is used for the build material of the mouse. If squeezed too tightly, the mouse feels flimsy, but that is not a cause for alarm because Drag Clicking does not require asserting too much pressure on the mouse.

Moreover, it’s hardly noticeable during normal gaming. The ergonomics are well suited for people with claw or palm grip. Players will find Glorious Model D to be a good choice for Drag Clicking as well as normal gaming.


As with other models in this lineup, the Glorious Model D also utilizes a Pixart PMW 3360 sensor.

The maximum CPI possible with this sensor is 12K. It accelerates up to 50G, with a maximum velocity exceeding 250.

The Software that comes with Glorious Model D is fairly simple to use, nothing over-complicated, yet it contains all the features crucial to a gamer.

One feature worth mentioning is the debounce time that can be adjusted. The Debounce feature is the measure of the cooldown time preceding a click. For drag-clicking purposes, players can set a quicker value.


  • Lightweight and Functional
  • Debounce time feature
  • Both Matte and Glossy coating are available


  • No profile switching button

Conclusion For Drag Clicking:

Choosing a good mouse for drag clicking is vital, but so is practicing the art of drag clicking. You can have the mouse for drag clicking and still not perform well if you are not committed to learning the technique and then using it in conjunction with a well-built high-performance mouse.

Now that you have read our comprehensive list of the best mouse for drag clicking, hopefully, you have a better idea of what to choose.

This is our list, but only you can decide which mouse is the best for you because the best mouse is not the highest-rated mouse, but the mouse that meets most of your needs.

So don’t give in to peer pressure. Take your budget, hand size, and gaming habits into an account, and make an informed decision. Good Luck!