Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Running Under $100 In 2023

Running helps you in relieving stress. Your lethargy is pushed aside, your muscles get their job done and you feel fresh. Nature is quite pleasing, all you need is a perfect background melody to add to your joy.

Music not only helps in amusement but also stimulates and uplifts the muscle activation process. So, tie the shoelaces and gear up because we’ve got a list of top-ranked Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Running Under $100.


Headsets are mainly suitable and best working for indoor use, some outdoor activities require additional properties prior to sound quality solely.

While exercising, running, or performing any other strenuous activity, Bluetooth earbuds are more preferable as compared to headsets. 

You don’t have to worry about the sturdy burden, clamping force, tangled-up wires, or any other distraction that keeps you annoyed rather than soothing your experience.

If you opt for good quality Bluetooth Earbuds, they are a cut above all the headsets competing in the sound mechanism, providing comfort and reliability.

Earbuds are quite modestly priced than headsets, and can still bring out the best features and properties. The funnel-shaped buds fit in the ear, directing all the thumps and crisps in your ear without interference.

You can definitely get the best Bluetooth earbuds without spending your fortune. They can fall within your budget by ranging under the cost of $100 only! What’s the catch? 

Before going through the top-ranked list, let’s overview a precise buying guide for choosing a reliable pair of earbuds.

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What To Look For In Bluetooth Earphones For Running (Under $100)?


Imagine going for a walk in a nearby park and you’ve got your earbuds plugged in, you’re enjoying everything but, suddenly you get interrupted by the chattering, breeze, and various distractions due to poor noise isolation. You’ll soon lose focus and you won’t be pleased anymore. 

Generally, in-ear earbuds block the majority of the ambient sounds and direct the soundtrack in your ears. So, outside distractions barely have an impact on the track being played. But, some Bluetooth earbuds allow sound leakage. So, better get it monitored before buying it, or else you’ll get your lower notes vague and can even embarrass yourself in a public spot.

Under $100 is more than enough budget to get noise cancellation features in your Bluetooth earbuds.


You’ll never get fatigued by using earbuds as far as your earbuds adjust in well.No headband or fabric is there to cause discomfort. The only thing you have to be concerned about is the shape of the earbuds. Any slight discomfort can cause damage to your ears, whether this discomfort comes in the form of cheap material or shape of buds. 

If buying from a local store, you must give the earbuds a try before buying it straight away. The fit and the covering must be tested to expect better performance for a longer period. As these earbuds are specified for running, hence go for earbuds that fit exactly in your ear so that they don’t fall off while you’re running.


In some cases, Bluetooth earbuds provide a weak and distorted connection with the device. Either the access domain is too confined or the weak connection disrupts the track. Always opt for earbuds that cover a wide range of access. Plus, the connectivity should be strong enough to promote clarity by avoiding muddiness in notes.

Battery life is another important feature. To have a smooth run, battery life must be reliable. Of course, you’re not up for any type of interruption while running caused by a lack of battery. Imagine being completely indulged in the activity, but then the battery dies out. To avoid such a situation, better look for reliable battery life so that you can live the moment being care-free.

Bluetooth earphones under $30 or $50 may pose issues with the Bluetooth performance and battery life, but you will hopefully not encounter these problems in a budget Bluetooth earphones under $100.


While running, you might not go into depth, unless you’re not an audiophile. All you need is a perfect environment, background music, and you get indulged in it easily. You won’t notice the fineness or crisps, all you need is a good audio performance that proves to aggravate your strength and boosts up the whole experience.

 You just need the whole audio to be adjusted according to your liking. So better go for a pair of earbuds that have got an app to control the sound emphasis. Plus, you can certainly compromise on minor things as it’s just an ordinary hype-up for athletic work.


1. Jaybird X4: Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Running Under $100

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If you’re opting for a 2-in-1 specialty, running, as well as casual usage, X4 falls on your expectations well. They’ve got an as decent design for running purposes or any sport that requires optimal grip. Plus, their design is simple and comfy for regular use also.


Just like the majority of the earbuds, the outer composure is mainly hard plastic. But the structure is not cheap to easily get snapped off. They weigh 14.5 grams, that’s an ideal deal for runners. Instead of a regular clip, there’s a cinch attached to the earbuds that rest against the back of the neck and keep both earbuds in contact while running.

Moving onto the grip, X4 offers extra stability and grip. These in-ear earbuds fix well in different sizes. There’s an add-on of silicon hook that comes in varying sizes to fit perfectly inside your ear, the best thing is that these earbuds won’t enter the ear canal and hence minimize damage to ears.


X4 doesn’t allow ANC but passive noise cancellation cancels out maximum ambient sounds. Don’t go into too busy or rushy areas wearing these or else the sound will get muffled up. But for compensation to that, the sound leakage is not major, you can easily higher your volume in a public space without disturbing the surroundings.

The sound quality is pretty decent. It provides perfect background music for running. Not only the bass is powered up but also, the trebles are highly emphasized. Both these notes combine to deliver natural and organic sound. 


  • X4 offers a rare feature. Get your jaybird app installed and customize the sound emphasis as per requirement. If you’re into bass-rich audio, modify the settings and you’ll get a better experience while running.
  • The previous models were not waterproof, that’s the main drawback. But this model is waterproof as well as sweat resistant.
  • The Bluetooth connection is quite strong and stable. You can easily walk away from your device up to 45 ft, and will still enjoy the same clarity.
  • The grip is optimal.
  • With a quick-charging of 15 mins, you can get your earbuds to work for approx. 8 hours. That’s enough for running and the way back.
  • There are buttons on the wire that are quite simple to operate, you can control the volume and skip on tracks easily while running.


  • Perfect fit and grip for running
  • App for sound customization.
  • Punchy bass
  • Emphasized trebles
  • Reliable battery life


  • Silicon fins are not suitable for all ear sizes.
  • The buttons lag


Jaybird X4 is the best Bluetooth earphones under $50, though it is somewhat inferior in both features and design to our other models.

2. RHA MA650: Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Running And Phone Calls

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These headphones are the best cheap Bluetooth earbuds under $100. They have a trendy sleek design with some adapting features. Their audio performance is above average and the design is not delicate at all, it’s sturdy and reliable.


The earpieces have got a metallic touch and do not feel cheap or fragile. These earbuds are then extended to a plastic tube, through a wire. This plastic tube works as a neck band that falls at the back of the neck to keep these earbuds coordinated. If the earbuds are dangling freely, they get attached through the magnetic force.

You’ll find different controls on the wire. You can play/pause, skip, or control the volume manually. On top of that, there’s an inline mic too, that offers a crystal-clear audio experience without and latency or distortion.


As mentioned earlier, these earbuds deliver refined sound quality. Each note is refined and there are no muddying ends. Isolation is fair enough, the outside noises won’t disturb you much. You can easily wear them in a crowded area, with higher volumes, without piercing the beats outside.

The main focus of these earbuds is lower-bass. You’ll feel the extra emphasis on the lower bass, it powers up the whole audio. The highs are not shrill neither do they cut off if the volume is raised. The mids are prominent without being shadowed by other frequencies.


  • Sweat-resistant and waterproof.
  • The box accommodates a set of ear tips according to varying sizes, you can easily adjust them in your ear with the suitable supporting grip.
  • The Bluetooth access is up to 76 feet, put them in the bag while you’re in the gym or running.
  • The neck-band won’t let the earpiece bounce or to move freely. Plus the neckband is not congested, it won’t strangle your neck, rather will fall against the back.
  • These earbuds can do their job up to 12 hours, that’s more than enough for runners.


  • Bass rich audio performance
  • Various ear tips for extra grip
  • Highs are clear and not shrill
  • Sweat-resistant, best for running purposes


  • The design is not strong waterproof, needs extra care in humid environments.
  • Audio gated muddy at the junction of higher-mids and lower-highs


RHA MA650 Review is the Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Running And Phone Calls as attested by thousands of satisfied users. They have exceptional battery life, seamless performance, and high durability as their key features. 


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Jabra elite actively proposes an outstanding sound mechanism along with sturdy composure. It has commendable features just like its previous model, Jabra Elite 65t. The only specification that makes it surpass its previous model is mobility supportive features.


These earbuds are comfy to wear. As mentioned earlier, these earbuds are specified for athletic use, so comfort is not a factor that can be compromised. The overall design is a bit bulkier, the same as its preceding model. These earbuds are circular and small, they fit in your ear exactly, apart from the stem.

These earbuds are free of chords. They’re purely wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The earbuds come with a charging case that can be charged and then stored as a power bank. The built is durable for boTh, the buds, and the charging case.


These earbuds offer premium noise cancellation. You can completely isolate yourself from the environment and can control sound bleed as well. One noticeable drawback is that, when the earbuds are operated in active mode to track the steps taken, ambient noises penetrate in easily. plus, the active mode drains out the battery as well.

Jabra’s sub-bass is top-notch. You’ll feel the overwhelmed sub-bass response in every audio. It sort of powers up the whole audio. If you’re a bass person and an Audiophile, try these headphones and they won’t fail to impress you by just costing you under $100. You can also use it as the default earbuds for audiobooks.


  • Sweat-resistant, waterproof, and secure fit; the main distinction against its previous model.
  • 5-hour battery life, you can use them for two hours shorty with a  quick charge of 15 minutes.
  • The Bluetooth enabled in it is of version 5.0, it’s faster and upholds stronger connectivity.
  • Jabra has got an app, to customize the presets according to your liking. Install the app and switch between 6 preset, let it be bass boost treble boost, or just for attending calls.
  • 3 pairs of ear tips, medium-large and small for extra grip, and for directing the sound directly into your ear without leaking it.


  • Perfect design for running
  • Good noise isolation.
  • Heavy bass response
  • Each note is prominent


  • Ear canals become itchy
  • The size is not suitable for small ear sizes

4. Jlab Jabuds Air:

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These earbuds are manufactured to target low-budget audiophiles. You can literally enjoy the same experience, delivered by the top-notch earbud brands. Extra grip, refined sound with additional features will make you buy these.


These are lightweight earbuds with plastic built. Luckily, these earbuds are not cheap at all, they are tough and compatible. These earbuds are purely wireless, so you won’t be annoyed with tangled-up or ruptured wires.

These earbuds get inserted in your ear easily. You better take care of it while operating the buttons because, a heavy push might insert it directly into your ear canal, ultimately damaging it.


It doesn’t offer any noise-canceling mechanism or system but it does block out outside distractions with the help of premium fit, and extra fins. But don’t go into overly crowded areas because no specified noise-canceling mechanism is installed in these earbuds.

The baseline is quite amplified in it if you’re more of a hip-hop person or you need your audio to literally strike the earbuds, then these in-expensive earbuds will definitely hype you up. it’s really powerful, but if you’re into vocals or instrumental tunes, you might find these bass muddying up the mids.


  • These earbuds have got an IP5 rating of sweat and water resistance.
  • A few minutes charge will make approx. 4 hours juice out of it.
  • Not a main-stream lover? If you want to modify the sound presets just tap your earbud thrice and customize your sound, be it balanced or bass-boost.
  • Enabled with the latest version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Allows connectivity up to 10 meters.
  • Double-tap to access Siri or google assistant.
  • 3 pairs of ear tips for better grip.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Strong bass response
  • Light-weight
  • Dust resistance


  • Microphone enervates lows while attending the call
  • The earbuds don’t support aptX, you might face latency in audios

5. Plantronics Backbeat Fit 350: Sweat Proof Wireless Headphones For Running

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A brand that excels in audio devices and proposes commendable features by just lying under $100 is, Plantronics. Extra stable fit, tremendous quality, and a preferable battery life that keeps you running uninterrupted is what you look for in earbuds, and fortunately, you get all these features compacted in a full economic package. It offers above-average performance, let’s get into the main features.


The earbuds are made of hard plastic, which is sturdy, and also, it seems to droop down its price as well. The hard plastic makes it lightweight; they weigh 15 grams and still snuggles accurately on your ears. You can feel an appreciable grip that lets you feel free to perform some rigorous activities. 

These are in-ear earbuds, they fit perfectly in your ear without putting a strain, wear these for a longer time and you won’t even hitch. The grip is stable, as well as soft enough to avoid any discomfort.


The first factor that affects running, is isolation. The more isolated you are, the calmer you feel. Hence to focus on complete segregation, noise cancellation must be taken into view. Platronics has got some passive noise cancellation mechanism to block out ambient noises, including breeze or wind. That’s a deal for under $100.

The offered sound quality is somewhat least expected from the earbuds in this range. The boosted bass is the main spotlight, particularly a source of hype for runners. Thanks to the enlarged drivers for clasping the major bass range. If you do not usually go into the depths and just want a good audio experience, Plantronics will definitely excel in performance.


  • They’ve got ear tips for extra grip. They won’t fall while running.
  • The hooks at the back of the ear ensure a stable fit.
  • Got a problem with ear sweating? These earbuds are sweat and water-resistant so they won’t slip away while running.
  • An extra 50 cm cable that has got a clip, just cling it to your shirt and you’ll adjust the earbuds better.
  • Perfect sound quality fir a non-audiophile.


Most of the wireless earbuds ranging under $100 offer poor battery life. Plus, they’d take literally an hour or a half to get charged. But with Plantronics, a 15-minute charge session is enough for the earbuds to run for 6 hours consecutively!! That’s actually more than enough for your running schedule.


  • Incredible bass response
  • Perfect fit
  • Reliable design
  • Inline microphone
  • strong Bluetooth connection


  • The connection is disrupted occasionally
  • not preferable for busy areas

6. Aukey Key Series T10—Best Value Wireless Headphones For Running

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as of September 22, 2023 6:04 am

Aukey key series T10 are the best Bluetooth headphones that have got a perfect grip, durable composure, and a sleek outlook. They provide beautiful sound quality as compared to those earbuds ranging in the same price zone.


The earbuds have got a matte-metallic covering over them. They weigh slightly heavier than other Bluetooth earbuds, but the weight is bearable enough to carry these earbuds for several hours without fatiguing yourself. So, the composure is quite sturdy to hold it into place without any dangling.

Talking about the grip, these earbuds come with 3 pairs of silicone wingtips and 3 pairs of rubber ear tips, you can have a combo of these according to your ear size and shape. T10 adapts versatility in sizes to fall on the expectations of customers, specifically runners.


The offered noise cancellation is fair enough. The sound bleed is minimal and the major ambient sounds are insulated. This means that, even at higher volumes, these earbuds do not clip off the sound or the sound doesn’t get cranked up. The vocals are prominent, instrumental voices are easily differentiable, and are emphasized.

The bass area is quite boosted. You’ll feel proper thumps but, this emphasis won’t interrupt or muddle the other frequency ranges. So that’s the best part, you’ll enjoy all the ranges without suppressing some.


  • Perfect grip with the help of extra stability-ensuring components.
  • Sweat-resistant and waterproof, they won’t slip away due to sweating or won’t distort audio.
  • 5.0 version of Bluetooth provides extra strong connection confining major range for access.
  • 7 hours battery life, more than enough for outdoor activities like cycling or running but unfortunately for calls, you need a slightly better standard to receive and respond clearly.


These earbuds do have a tendency to be operated individually. You can literally keep one earbud in the charging cradle and you can use the other one of the pair separately too.

The earbuds come with touch sensor controls on them. Press the back of the earbuds to play/ pause, touch and hold for the track to be skipped, triple tap to enable good assistant.


  • Secure fit
  • Suitable for running
  • Clear sound
  • Outstanding bass response


  • Calls are not of good quality
  • The touch control show latency while responding

7. Rowkin Ascent Micro:

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as of September 22, 2023 6:04 am

Rowkin ascent is an affordable pair of truly wireless earbuds. These might not be “the best” but they’re literally best known with great features, in their price range. They’re particularly made for the runners. They’re comfy, reliable, and verified for casual use.


First of all, coming up with the design. To be honest, it is neither trendy nor possesses an elegant style, but they’re definitely marvelous for what they’re specified. These bullet-shaped earbuds are extremely weightless and without even putting some effort, these earbuds fit an unbeatable level.

Besides the ear tips the box has accommodated, these earbuds provide a secure fit, even in its initial form. These earbuds literally stay in the place without dangling by some vigorous moves. Either it’s a treadmill run, jogging on the sidewalk, or whatsoever, plug them in your ears and they won’t even protrude a bit.


These earbuds reproduce some great sound despite their cheap price. The audios amplified are far more than average. It’s not particularly for audiophiles or those who go into deeper observations. But, it surely is for all those, ready to strike their earbuds with a boomy bass with such a bargain!

As mentioned earlier, the bass is striking, mid vocals are prominent, treble is well balanced with the punchy bass. Highs are soft but, the lows are not that appreciable, not much spotlight is given to them and they remain overshadowed.


  • Amazing grip and fit, that’s the detail you’re probably least expecting from cheap earbuds.
  • Stable paired connection with Bluetooth version 5.0, no latency while streaming, no distortion, just an accurate and synchronized audio.
  • 3.5 hours battery life but, you can easily charge it’s charging case to juice out 4-times full charge.
  • Quick and instant charging through USB-c port.


  • Excellent grip.
  • The app can track the earbuds.
  • Vast EQ settings through the app
  • In-expensive
  • Strong Bluetooth connection


  • Highs become shrill at some point.
  • The inline microphone does not produce refined audio, mainly distorted and suppressed

8. Mpow X3: In-Ear Wireless Headphones

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The market is getting flooded with in-expensive pairs of earbuds with remarkable distinctions. So, it’s better to confine down your specified choice, to target a better pair of earbuds with low-price that is also compatible with Android.


These earbuds are way too comfortable to wear. They feel weightless, you might even forget about wearing these earbuds because the fit and weight are exactly what makes it comfortable to be carried for several consecutive sessions.

The upper bud portion fits exactly in your ear, the reaming portion of the stem hangs out but doesn’t move freely while any movement. If the grip is not enough, don’t worry, Mpow got this by fixing it in 5 silicon ear tips in the box, which provides a secure fit as compared to the plastic ones.


Now X3 has got an active noise cancellation mechanism. Only highly expensive or elite-class brands come up with this feature. But, luckily, Mpow offers it at the cost of a few dollars. The noise cancellation mechanism is great. The loud frequencies are repressed at a higher level but, you might feel the minor distractions like wind or chattering, penetrating in.

Talking about the emphasis, the main spotlight is the bass area. So if you’re more into drumming thumps or hip-hop music, you better get these earbuds for no costly deal. Mids and highs are bright as well, they are neither shrill nor are overpowered.


  • You can easily get a 7-hour audio drive by a single charge. Plus, charge up the case, and you can easily charge your earbuds twice or thrice.
  • These earbuds are specified for a strenuous workout, sweat all over, their silicon fitting won’t slip them away. They’re sweat and water-resistant.
  • Perfect connection with Bluetooth without any dropouts.
  • The touch control is quite easy to operate. A single tap on earbuds changes the volume, double-tap pauses/plays, and triple tap either skip a song or enables google assistant.


  • Active noise cancellation
  • Extra grip with silicone ear tips
  • Best sound quality as compared to earbuds in the same range.
  • Touch controls respond fast
  • Video and audio are synced


  • The design is mainly of cheap plastic.
  • No aptX support

9. Edifier Tws1:

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If you’re up for a decent sound experience at an extremely low cost, then edifier tws1 is the right direction you should towards. These earbuds have got some peculiar features to withstand market competition. 


The earbuds offer a great ergonomic fit, coming with a few silicone ear tips and a glossy outlook. Despite their low cost, these earbuds offer optimal grip for runners and all the athletics who are usually engaged in some strenuous activity. The whole building is made of plastic and it’s cheap. That’s a drawback and a plus point as well. The plastic composure makes it drop down its cost and, lessens its weight.


There’s no specified mechanism for noise cancellation but these headphones do cancel out the majority of distractions. The overall audio performance produced by these headphones is flawless. You’ll notice the presence and impact of each note, giving out a balanced audio performance.

The earbuds are not specifically made for bass-lovers as the emphasis on bass is just like ordinary notes. The bass has a good impact but, rather than having a bass boosted audio, the edifier proposes an organic sound in which none of the frequency is immensely dominated.


  • 7 hours of battery life with 1.5 hours charge. You can also instantly recharge these earbuds with the charging case.
  • 3 pairs of ear tips are subjected in the box, small, large, and medium.
  • The accessible range has been broadened as compared to its previous models.
  • IPX5 rated for water and sweat resistance.


  • Sweat, water, and dust resistant.
  • The audio is well-synced with the video
  • The microphone delivers good audio quality
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The grip is strong


  • Slow charging
  • Mids are not clear

10. JAYBIRD TARAH: Wired Bluetooth Earbuds For Running

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Jaybird is a go-to brand for audio devices. Jaybird never fails to attract maximum customers by different adaptable features. It delivers more than average audio performance, as compared to the price. 


The overall design is sleek and trendy. The controls and overall composure is simple. The earbuds are connected to the neck band through sturdy and unfoldable wires. You’ll find a control panel on the junction of wire and neckband. 

The control buttons are easy to operate, the plus-minus sign indicates volume controls. Instead of a clip, a cinch is attached to the neckband. You’ll also find additional ear fins and silicone ear tips for fit.


Its jaybird! Sound quality is not what they’ll compromise at any cost. Especially, with such a low price, the sound quality delivered is perfect. The impact of the bass is prominent but not that strong to legit strike the earbuds. For that, you must install the Jaybird app to modify the emphasis, be it bass-boomed, treble emphasized or mid-range dominated.


  • 3 hybrid ear tips are confined in the box.
  • IPX7 water, sweat, and dust resistant rating.
  • The earbuds deliver a well-sculpted sound for background while running
  • Silicon wingtips are also available


  • The EQ modes are operative
  • Decent audio performance
  • Premium fit
  • Perfect for running


  • Batter life is not durable