Can You Charge AirPods with a 20w Charger? (Explained)

It’s no secret that AirPods by Apple are incredibly popular. But what many people don’t know is that you can charge your AirPods with a 20w charger – as long as you have the right adapter.

In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about charging your AirPods with a 20w charger, including which adapters work and how much faster they will charge your AirPods. So if you’re looking to save some time on your next charge, keep reading!

Can I Use a 20W Charger on AirPods?

Yes, you can charge your Apple Airpods charging case with a 20w Apple Branded fast charger. However, It won’t make a difference in charging rates and it doesn’t hurt/overheat anything because Airpods are designed to charge at a maximum of 5w.

This is what we love about the Apple Ecosystem. Next time you are going on a trip you don’t have to carry a separate 5w charging brick for your Airpods. You can easily charge your Airpods charging case with a 20w Apple charger which you are using for your newer model iPhones.

There’s no danger of overheating or damage to the battery with Apple’s 20-watt charger.

Apple’s built-in charging components can assist in detecting and addressing potential problems with charging. Third-party chargers, on the other hand, don’t contain these charging components to keep track of energy transmission.

Can I Use Any 20w Charger?

No, Always charge your AirPods with compatible chargers. Charging with cheap third-party chargers/cable may result in damaging the battery life. It’s preferable to use genuine Apple products or ones that have been MFi-certified, which means they’re Made for iPhone.

How Do You Charge AirPods with a USB Cable? 

To charge AirPods using a USB Lightning cable, simply connect the Lightning connector into the port of your AirPods charging case. Then connect the USB end of the cable into the adaptor and connect the adaptor to a power source.

You can also charge your Airpods with your PC or Mac by connecting the USB end into a USB port of Mac or PC.

Is It Faster to Use the Lighting USB Cable? 

The Lighting USB cable is quicker to charge your Airpods than a wireless connection.

How Long Does it Take to Charge AirPods Case With a Power Adapter?

The charging time for the AirPods carrying case using a power adapter is about 2 hours or less.​

Will Apple Branded Chargers Damage the Battery in My Airpods?

No, Apple chargers are made to not damage the battery in your Airpods. If you believe your charging cables or adapters do not work properly, make sure there’s nothing wrong with the cable and adapter before assuming the chargers are at fault.

How Long Will AirPod Batteries Last After Charging?

The battery life of the AirPod models is similar. According to Apple, On a single charge, the Airpods battery lasts up to 5 hours of listening time15 or 3 hours of talk time.

While on a single charge, the AirPods Pro can play music for up to 4.5 hours or talk for up to 3.5 hours.

How Do You Check the Battery Level? 

Hold your case close to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch while opening the lid of your case with your AirPods inside. Wait a few seconds for the AirPods’ charge status to display. It will show the battery level of your case and Airpods separately.

Moreover, you can also check the battery level of your AirPods by enabling the Battery widget on your IOS device.

Do You Need the Charging Case to Charge AirPods?

Definitely, you will need a charging case to charge your Airpods. It is not possible to charge your Airpods separately without the charging case.

Is it Okay to Put Your AirPods in the Charging Case While They Are Being Charged?

Yes, you can put both your Airpods and the charging case into the charger while they are being recharged. However, it’s not recommended to keep them in the charger after they’re fully charged.​

Does Leaving My AirPods in The Case Drain The Battery?

Do the AirPods Have to Be Inside the Charging Case? 

No, You do not need to have your Airpods inside the charging case for it to charge.

Should the AirPods Charging Case Always Have a Charge? 

It’s a good idea to keep the charging case fully charged so that it may charge your AirPods when needed. However, it is not a smart idea to leave the case plugged in.

What if the AirPods Aren’t Charging? 

When your AirPods aren’t charging, there may be a variety of reasons. Investigate your whole setup for any damage. This can be a guaranteed killer if anything has come into contact with water or high moisture. 

The first possibility is that the cable you’re using isn’t an Apple original, in which case it’s likely the problem. If you’re using an off-brand charging cable, it’s possible that this is the cause.

However, if you’re using Apple’s Lightning USB cable, be sure to inspect the following factors to verify that nothing has gone wrong: 

Clean your AirPods

First of all, Examine your Airpods and if the AirPods are dusty/dirty, the connection points that allow them to be charged may not be completing a circuit.

Try cleaning your AirPods with a lint-free cloth or a wipe and dry them with a dry cloth. Put them back into the case to see if they’ll start charging.

Charge Airpods Wirelessly

It is possible to charge your Airpods using a wireless charging station. Try to charge your Airpods by placing the Airpods case on the Wireless charging station.

If the Airpods case starts charging and receiving the incoming charge then there is no problem regarding the charging function.

Physical Cord Check

In this case, you must check your AirPods charging cable for any kind of visible damage or dust particles. The cable itself might be broken.

Examine your charging cable for any twists, cuts, or slits. The cable’s extremities may wear down and break over time.

To avoid these sorts of damage, it’s preferable not to twist the cable or induce it to snap by compressing an angled cable too tightly.

If any damage can be seen on the cord, it’s probable that the cord is at fault. Replace the charging cord if it is damaged or broken.

Examine the outlet adapter 

If the cable replacement failed, or the cable is undamaged, the next step is to inspect the outlet adapter.

You need to examine the pins to ensure they are connected and that there is no evidence of heat damage around the connection ports.

The majority of charging blocks are rather tough, so it’s unlikely there would be a problem with the block unless the owner is aware of it.

Check the power outlet 

Check to see whether the outlet is in good working order. To see if anything else works, plug other items into it.

Sometimes, a light switch is required to ensure that a current flows to particular outlets in a room’s wiring.

Check the AirPod charging case 

After trying all the above factors, you need to check the Airpods charging case and check the connectors and pins for obstructions such as dirt or other particles.

Also, double-check for any damage or obstructions in these locations.

Possibly the charging case is near to end of its battery life cycle and not able to hold the charge in the case. In this case, you need to replace the Airpods charging case.

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