12 Best Headphones for Music and Gaming in 2022

Headphones for Music and Gaming

It is quite unlikely to kill two birds with one stone. However, it is not entirely impossible. If you’re a gamer and enjoy music, getting your hands on a headphone that will last you for months could be quite a task to handle.  As you may be aware, some headphones are made specifically for listening …

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8 Best OSHA Approved Headphones /Earbuds In 2022

OSHA approved Headphones

It is pretty unlikely to spend your entire day without a headache or tensed muscles if you work in a loud environment.  Working in noisy conditions, you put yourself at risk of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. Luckily, there are regulatory authorities like OSHA in the US that ensure the health and safety of workers. Apart from …

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10 Best Headphones That Look Like Earplugs In 2022

Headphones Look Like Earplugs

If something about your job makes the profound noise unable to bear or your leisure time being strictly ‘soundless’, you might want to invest in a good pair of headsets.  The unavailability of a proper headset around heavy machinery or echoing parameters can efficiently affect your hearing range and cause problems in normal hearing functions. …

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Best Headphones For Snowboarding In 2022

best headphones for snowboarding

Snowboarding is best enjoyed with music, and if you’re not wearing headphones while riding down the slopes it can be difficult to hear your tunes. Riding in silence for a few days might be alright at first but soon enough you want something playing in your ears. But what are the best headphones for snowboarding? …

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Best Single Ear Bluetooth Headsets of 2022

Best Single Ear Bluetooth Headsets

Having Bluetooth headsets, People are hands-free from their Mobile phones. Nowadays, the Bluetooth headset is a priority for everyone because you don’t have to tangle with wires whether you’re driving or eating something. Single ear Bluetooth headsets are designed for one ear. These Headsets allow you to receive/end phone calls and listen to music for …

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Best Wireless Earbuds For Fitbit Sense/Versa 3/Versa 2

Best Wireless Earbuds Compatible with Fitbit Sense Versa 3/Versa 2/Versa

The original Versa and the latter released Versa 2 had Bluetooth connectivity to bypass the smartphone during exercise or running. The fans had the freedom to leave their smartphones at home, but the feature wasn’t new to smartwatches. Apple and Samsung introduced these features way before Fitbit followed suit. The early watches that included the …

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8 Best Headphones That Are Both Wired And Wireless

best headphones that are both wired and wireless

The wireless headphones with wired option are the best of both worlds. They allow you to have wireless headphones, but they also come with a wire that can be plugged in and used if needed.  This is an excellent choice for people who want wireless headphones, but don’t want to worry about running out of …

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Best Wireless Headphones For Teenage Girls 2022

Headphones For Teenage Girls

Every teenager wants to feel just a little bit cooler than they actually are. Having the best headphones for a teenage girl can help you do just that! In this article, we will talk about all of the things you need to know before buying your first pair of quality headphones. You’ll find out what …

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10 Best Durable Gaming Headsets Of 2022 (For Extended Gaming)

Durable Gaming Headsets

If you’re a pro gamer, you must be really keen on finding a durable pair of headphones that last long-gaming sessions.  Or can take abuse when you vent post-game frustration on them after losing a close battle.  Sound quality, noise cancellation, comfort, and an un-slackening microphone, all these features come later, and they all contribute …

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The market nowadays is overflowed with a marvelous pair of wireless earbuds that excel almost in every field and have top-notch features. ANC mechanism, out-class audio performance, premium comfort, all these features can come up in these pygmy portable devices, easily. But despite all these perfections, your central focus should be the “compatibility” part. Whether …

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