5 Things New MacBook Owners Should Remember

Things New MacBook Owners Should Remember

If you have purchased a MacBook, and it is your first experience with Apple computers, expect to run into some troubles. Even tech-savvy people have problems transitioning from MS Windows to macOS, for example. Thankfully, the transitional period does not take too long, especially if you prepare in advance and work out some of the …

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Best Laptops For Filmora Pro, X & 9 in 2022

Laptops For Filmora

Content creation is a booming industry, and nothing can be more engaging than videos these days. When it comes to video editing for your youtube channel, professional career, or film degree, there are myriad options out there. The foremost editing platforms include Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas 3, and Final Cut Pro. But they have …

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Best Cheap Laptops For Editing YouTube Videos In 2022

Cheap Laptop For Editing YouTube Videos

YouTube content creators (YTC for short) have risen to the status of celebrities these days. Most of them are earning a ton of money that in the past high executives in top-tier companies used to have.  All thanks to the Youtube Partner Program, that has enabled creators all around the world to generate a passive …

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Best Laptop For Multiple Monitors in 2022

laptop for multiple monitors

If you are looking for a laptop that can be connected to two or three external monitors, you are into serious multitasking or gaming. The foremost spec you should be looking for in this case is the number of I/O ports. Next, you should have serious GPU horsepower at your disposal. Understandably, more and more …

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Best Budget Laptops For Streaming in 2022


Streaming videos, conference calls, and games have become quite ubiquitous these days. All this is made possible by high-bandwidth internet and powerful machines. While the PC is considered the best platform to stream videos, nothing can beat the portability of a laptop. Surprisingly, laptops these days come with enough power to match PC in performance. …

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Best Laptops With 12GB Ram in 2022

Laptops With 12GB Ram

In this article we will discuss laptops with 12GB ram; to ensure the multi-tasking you need. These laptops can run multiple programs at once, so they are extremely useful for someone who needs to have a lot of things open at one time. You can do more of your work done when you’re using laptops …

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5 Best laptops for New World 2022

laptop for new world

Newworld has been another major hit by Amazon Games Orange County, and most of the people having a hard time running this AAA title game on their current setup. The minimum system requirement as mentioned below won’t cut the deal. You will have to beef up your current PC setup to run the game without …

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Best Gaming Laptops For MIR4 in 2022

laptop for mir4

MIR4 is the latest MMORPG that we can play on PC and mobile phones. It is an awesome game with good graphics and new gameplay mechanics thanks to Unreal Engine 4. There are a variety of options for your character to evolve into. Your character can live a peaceful life of hunting, gathering, and crafting …

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Best laptops for Halo Infinite in 2022

laptop for hello infinite

Halo Infinite is the latest first-person shooter game, a joint venture of Microsoft and 343 Industries for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series Users. On PC and laptops, you can play the game at higher resolutions and better frame rates. This AAA title is rumored to cost $500 million which easily qualifies it as the …

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Best HP Laptops With Beats Audio in 2022

laptops with beats audio

If you are looking for the best HP laptops with beats audio, this article will help. HP computers with the best sound. With beats audio by Dr Dreā„¢, high-performance speakers and subwoofers guarantee premium quality music entertainment on your PC or laptop. Enjoy rich powerful bass for a better listening experience even without headphones. Get …

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