Palm vs Claw vs Fingertip Grip: What is the Best Mouse Grip Style

Mouse Grip Style

In this post, we will discuss different mouse grip styles, their pros, and their cons. If that’s what you are looking for, you are at the right place. We will thoroughly go through how these grip styles can be helpful to you as you play games on PC, scroll the web, or do chores.  Let’s …

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Best Gaming Mouse with Pinky Rest/Support in 2021

Gaming Mouse with Pinky Support

Don’t miss out! Early Christmas deals on Mouse. Selecting a gaming mouse is no easy feat. It is an investment, both in terms of comfort and functionality. Thus, it is important to know what you want in a mouse, because an arbitrary decision can cause more inconvenience than you are ready to take on. If …

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10 Best Mouse for Large Hands in 2021

Mouse For Large Hands

Don’t miss out! Early Christmas deals on Mouse. Finding a computer or gaming mouse for large hands is quite a struggle as most mice these days come in small sizes. Cramping your fingers to make up for the small size can lead to unnecessary pressure on your wrist or fingers leading to serious consequences. Over …

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Best Palm Grip Mouse for Gaming in 2021

Gaming Mouse for Palm Grip TGD

Don’t miss out! Early Christmas deals on Mouse. As you are looking for the best palm grip mice, it is safe to presume you are in need of a mouse that strikes the right balance between performance and comfortability.  Though both fingertip and claw grip has an advantage of speed (an absolute must for FPS …

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Best Ergonomic Mouse for Small Hands

Ergonomic Mice for Small hands

Don’t miss out! Early Christmas deals on Mouse. People with small hands are more susceptible to hand or wrist pain. There is constant numbness in the palm and thumb or the index and middle fingers, and in severe cases, it can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have been experiencing the same, and can’t …

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Top 10 Heaviest Gaming Mouse

heavy gaming mouse

Don’t miss out! Early Christmas deals on Mouse. Popular manufacturers of gaming peripherals are focused on introducing lightweight products as no doubt there is a huge demand for them. The same goes for mice, where companies like Glorious, Corsair have adopted new honeycomb designs to cut down the weight.  But not all gamers need a lightweight gaming …

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10 Best Honeycomb Gaming Mice for FPS Titles 2021(Lightest, Smallest, Fastest)

Honeycomb gaming mouse

Don’t miss out! Early Christmas deals on Mouse. Nature has taught us that honeycomb-style provides a lightweight design without compromising the durability of the structure. Recently, we have witnessed an upward trend in honeycomb shell mice, and they are getting increasingly popular in the gaming industry. Gamers opt for these mice for a variety of …

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Best Wireless Mouse for Couch Gaming 2021

Best Mouse For Couch Gaming

Don’t miss out! Early Christmas deals on Mouse. If you want to be an expert gamer, a good wireless mouse is essential. Couch gaming is an increasingly popular pastime. Wireless mice offer couch gamers more flexibility than wired ones because they don’t have to be close enough to their device to use it wirelessly nor …

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15 Best Gaming Mouse With Infinite Scroll Wheel 2021

Don’t miss out! Early Christmas deals on Mouse. Infinite scrolling wheel is often found on Logitech gaming mouse because the company has patented the technology about a decade ago. So in this roundup, all the devices are by the same company. Let’s take some frequently asked questions first. What is an infinite scroll wheel? As …

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