You may notice that much of the content on our sites (blog, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) do not have many ads and all of our content is free. Instead, if you make purchases through certain links that we provide, we may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). This Deals Site is one of the ways we fund all work we do all platforms we create content on. We appreciate your support.

The biggest place we create content is daily on our blog since 2011  - The Technology Geek We review tech, wearables, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon and pretty much anything technology.

The next big place we create content is  - Instagram On Instagram not only are you going to get great content videos and pictures you are going to get up close and personal with me behind the scenes with my friends and family and much more.

My Twitter and Facebook can we other places that can be fun. On Twitter, I live feed a lot and live tweet during big events like Apple WWDC or Google IO I can also have some fun making fun of stupid announces Microsoft announces that will never take off in the consumer space all in all its fun place. You can use Facebook as well to keep an eye on my Blog posts.

YouTube is one place I need to work on more than others mostly on here you can find me doing vlogs / podcasts / playing video games I am working on creating better content for there and removing old videos. It has great content but needs work.