Drag Clicking: The Ultimate Guide

Drag Clicking is a clicking technique much-hyped amongst gamers. The term drag clicking is self-explanatory. It does exactly what the name indicates, that is, clicking the mouse while dragging your finger over the surface of the mouse. The forceful dragging causes the mouse to register multiple clicks per second instead of a single click.

It is known by other names as well, such as tap clicking or Fazer tapping. No matter the name, the basics of drag clicking remain the same. 

You may be wondering how drag clicking affects the gaming experience. Well, the most prominent advantage of drag clicking is that it boosts CPS. While drag clicking, the friction produced between the fingers and the mouse button is used to record more clicks per second than the average click per second ratio. This technique then proves to be effective for gamers who regularly play games that demand a high CPS. In games like Roblox, Minecraft, and Clicker Heroes, players often use drag clicking to gain an advantage over their opponents.

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How to Drag Click: Step By Step Guide

  1. Since drag clicking uses friction to register more clicks, the first step is to have dry hands.
  2. Next, clean your mouse so that dust particles do not interfere with the drag motion of your finger across the mouse surface
  3. Place a firm grip on the mouse. Place your thumb on the left side of the mouse for support and your ring finger on the right side. Your index finger should be positioned on the left click button on the mouse and your middle finger over the right-click button of the mouse.
  4. Apply an angled motion on your wrist while maintaining gentle pressure on the mouse button in a downward direction. Give your fingers room to swiftly glide over the mouse button. Notice if you begin to feel a minor vibration as you move your fingers upon the mouse surface.
  5. You can head on to online websites that verify drag clicks to ensure that you are doing it right. Some of the websites that allow you to check your clicks are:

How to improve Drag clicking?

Drag Clicking can be improved by using tape. The tape helps reduce sweat and allows users to grip the mouse more effectively. There is more than one type of tape, below is a brief overview of each tape to help you choose the best one to drag click. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to use tape, but it can certainly help.

Silicone Grip Tape can be used for drag clicking, but it is a bit more costly than other alternatives. However, it is most promising than other types of tapes. It can increase clicks by 2 per second.

Then there is Razer tape. It works best on razer mice, but in terms of increasing clicks per second, it is not much different from Electric Tape. It gives fairly decent results.

Finally, we have Electric tape. It is the cheapest option of all, but because it is not particularly crafted for gaming mice, it does not perform too well. It is a suitable option for someone who is not looking for exceptional results and wants only a bit of improvement. It can increase the CPS ratio by 1.5. 

How To Click Fast Without Drag Clicking?

To click fast without drag clicking, users may apply Jitter or Butterfly Clicking techniques, which do not offer as much CPS as drag clicking but certainly more than normal clicking. However, these require practice too. Luckily, there are ways to ramp up the CPS ratio without learning any of these extra clicks.

Firstly, having a mouse in a good condition is detrimental. An old and outdated mouse will not be as sensitive to click like a mouse in newer conditions. Moreover, mice these days come with software, that allows users to further adjust the sensitivity of the mouse.

Secondly, practicing on different surfaces can increase regular click per ratio. Users can practice even when the mouse is unplugged, and see which hand position tires them out the least. People have had success with experimenting like this, and have been able to achieve up to 12 CPS without employing any special techniques.

Thirdly, there are multiple games available online that allow users to practice their clicking. In these games, users literally have to click to win. Some famous games to practice clicking are Realm Grinder and Plantera

Is Drag Clicking Banned?

Drag Clicking is not banned per se, but some Minecraft servers prohibit it on the grounds that it gives players an unfair edge over their opponents. These servers included Mineplex and Hypixel. Also, sometimes servers ban Drag Clicking because it gets mistaken as clicks induced by auto clickers

Therefore, it is advised that before using any clicking technique, it is best to check the rules of the server before playing.

Does Drag Clicking Damage the mouse?

Since drag clicking involves excessive clicking of the mouse, the mouse loses durability quicker. The lifespan of a mouse decreases when it is regularly used for drag flicking. Its switches wear out quicker. In fact, drag clicking poorly can lead to the switch breaking even earlier. 

To ensure that your mouse does not wear out earlier than it must, try not to be aggressive with drag flicking. Take your time to learn it, and you might be able to extend the lifespan of your mouse with minimal difference than if you were not drag clicking.


Like every clicking technique, drag clicking has its pros and cons. It is easier to learn than Jitter Clicking and Butterfly Clicking but is riskier to use in gaming servers as drag clicks are often misinterpreted as auto-clicks. 

However, if done correctly, it promises the most cps than any other technique. While an average gamer can hit up to 6-7 CPS, those with drag clicking under their belt can exceed as far as 30 CPS.

Ultimately, it is personal preference as well as the game a user might be playing that can help him decide what clicking technique to opt for.