Top 7 Wireless Headphones for Movies (Budget under $100)

Wireless Headphones for Movies

Lets face it, watching movies on headphones is way better than watching them on the speakers. Many of you would disagree, and you have every right to. After all, it all depends on personal preference.  However, one thing is indisputable: watching movies with a poor sound quality either on speakers or on headphones is an …

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Are Surround Sound Headphones Good For Gaming?

Following are a few of the most popularly asked questions by gaming enthusiasts regarding surround sound headphones. Surround vs Stereo Sound, which one is better for gaming? True vs Virtual Surround sound, what should gamers opt for? 5.1 or 7.1 Surround sound for gaming?  Is surround sound for gaming really worth it? Why do pro …

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High Impedance Headphones Sound Better. Myth Or Reality?

Do High Impedance Headphones Sound Better

Ever since Beyerdynamic launched their DT 770 PRO series, people have been asking questions. Why? it comprises high-end headphones priced slightly differently with all features in common but one—impedance. It is not that the other headphone manufacturing company does not specify impedance with their products before, but the fact that not even a single one …

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5 Best Gaming Headsets For Fps Shooters (Budget: Under $150)

Gaming Headsets

It took us hours to compile this list of best gaming headsets for fps shooters. These headphones are suitable for nearly all games types, but in specific, they are made for FPS gaming.  Those who are in a hurry, and know already enough about headphones, can jump straight to the reviews section. The others should …

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Best Lightweight Headphone In 2022 (Reviews And Buying Guide)

Best Lightweight Headphone

If you’ve got the market’s best-ranking headphones with extraordinary features, how does it feel if it’s lagging in comfort due to its bulky design or heavyweight? When it comes to frequent or continuous usage, despite a good sound quality you won’t be able to listen to your favorite music or play games for long, if …

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Best Cheap Headphones Under $10 In 2022 (For Kids and Adults)

Cheap Headphones Under

Headphones come in all shapes and sizes. The same is true of their price tags. On the pricier end they can be as expensive as a sports car. If you are in doubt, google Utopia By Tournaire–the most expensive headphones in the world.  On the cheaper end, there are headphones that won’t cost a dime. …

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Best Computer Headphones With Mic (Budget) in 2022

Best Computer Headphones With Mic

If you are a gaming enthusiast, a voice-over expert, or have to take frequent video calls on your PC, a solid computer headset with a microphone is a must.  These headsets bring with them a definite advantage for competitive gamers as they help them to isolate themselves from outside distractions.  Plus, they save other members …

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