Butterfly Clicking: Ultimate Guide

The multiplayer gaming universe has been around for a while now. Enthusiastic gamers have figured out tricks and tips to boost their gaming performance. In PVP games, participants prefer to have a click per the second ratio higher than that of their opponent, as that enhances their chances of bagging wins. Butterfly Clicking is one such technique, which gamers are employing to skyrocket their CPS ratio.

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly clicking entails a movement of a finger in such a way, that it alternates the flapping motion of butterfly wings. It is an advanced technique, that requires quite a bit of practice to learn, yet, once learned, it pays off. People have managed to get as much as 26 CPS using this technique. This is massive, considering that the average CPS for a regular gamer is just 6-7 per second.

With the potential to increase a gamers CPS by 2 to 3 times, it is no surprise that this technique is rapidly gaining popularity in the gaming community. It can block clutches, aim better, as well as give players their first hit more easily. 

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How to Butterfly Click: Step By Step Guide

  1. Get a mouse that does not block double clicks. Most mice these days do not support double clicks because getting two cps per click is inconvenient unless done deliberately.
  2. Position your pointer finger and middle finger on the left click of the mouse, and index finger on the right click.
  3. Make sure your palm is gripping the mouse firmly.
  4. Begin to use your fingers to hit the mouse in a way you can click twice.
  5. Alternate between middle finger and pointer finger to hit the left click, and use your index finger to hit the right click.
  6. Rely on your thumb for support .

How to improve/practice Butterfly clicking?

  • Consistency: To become a pro at Butterfly Clicking, having a consistent pattern is vital. One cannot master the art of butterfly clicking if they are not tapping their mouse in a consistent manner. For example, if someone taps the left click button of their mouse twice with their middle finger and then only once with the pointer finger, they are setting themselves up for a failure.
  • Breaks: The tapping of the mouse has to be uninterrupted and must follow a regular pattern. In the beginning, it may be hard to butterfly tap continuously, which is why it is recommended to take breaks in between sessions. However, do not break a session in between, as it will prevent you from developing a muscle memory of butterfly clicking. 
  • Equal Pressure: It is also important to exert equal pressure on both fingers. Applying unequal pressure can cause your fingers to tire out, as well as become a hindrance in grasping butterfly clicking.
  • Palm Grip: Using a palm grip to butterfly click may seem counter-productive, but it helps keep the control on the mouse while your fingers are rapidly alternating on the left click of the mouse.
  • Online Tests: Finally, tracking your progress is essential to improve with butterfly clicking. Online Butterfly Click Tests can allow you to check your clicking speed as well as compare it to the average around the world. You can use the following site: https://clickingspeedtester.com/butterfly-click-test/

How To Click Fast Without Butterfly Clicking?

  • Use Jitter Clicking. It is a technique that involves vibrating the hand and the wrist to get maximum clicks per second.
  • Invest in a good mouse. Make a well-informed decision before buying a mouse, as most mouse reviews include information about the CPS ratio of the mouse.
  • Troubleshoot your mouse software to see how you can get the most clicks-per-second.
  • Increase sensitivity of your clicks through PC settings.
  • Play clicking games such as Cookie Clickers and Clicker Heroes, in order to improve your normal clicking speed.
  • Most gaming servers do not allow auto-clickers, as they give players an unfair advantage. However, after checking with the rules of the game, you may use an auto clicker to imitate fast and real clicks.

Can Butterfly Clicking Cause You to get Banned?

Butterfly Clicking has had its fair share of controversy, not because it is ineffective, but because it is sometimes too effective. In fact, it becomes difficult to differentiate between clicks induced by an auto clicker and butterfly clicks. Thus, players employing the butterfly clicking technique sometimes get banned in online gaming servers.

It is not explicitly forbidden, however. Players are allowed to use butterfly clicking in PVP games, but it is risky if you are doing it too well. Basically, it is a clicking technique that is not banned but may be misinterpreted. The average butterfly clicker should be fine, however, as 13-14 CPS rarely gets anyone banned.

Does Butterfly Clicking cause Hand Pain?

In comparison with Jitter Clicking, Butterfly Clicking may be better as it does not require players to tense up their arms. However, the repeated lifting of fingers can cause strain on ligaments and tendons. This is true of any repeated motion, however.

Up till now, there is no medical evidence that Butterfly Clicking specifically causes hand problems. When it comes to taking care of your body, there are two basic rules to remember; excess of everything is bad, and taking breaks helps. Keep these in mind, and you should be good to go.

Taking precautions is necessary. When learning any new technique, noticing how your body is responding to it is detrimental to having a good gaming experience. Otherwise, you risk developing lifetime problems that turn your gaming experience from pleasurable to painful.  


Butterfly Clicking is most famous amongst the Minecraft gaming community. Winning competitions in Minecraft requires players to have good cps, and the butterfly clicking technique aids with that. It is used to build bridges, block crutches, and aim more accurately. For competitive gamers, butterfly clicking is a way to enhance their skill arsenal. 

Like any skill, it cannot be learned overnight. In fact, its even harder than Jitter Clicking to master. Yet, with dedication and commitment, becoming an expert of Butterfly Clicking is not impossible.