Best Gaming Headsets For Call of Duty: Warzone in 2023

The survival of the fittest battle royale version ‘warzone’ had a striking selling hype when released. The Call of Duty franchise introduced it as a step ahead with upgraded “buy stations” and “loadouts”.

Introducing it for the console family was the best deal gamers could get; however, there were some ground rules to experience what the developers wanted the gamers to. One of them was to go with the right gaming headsets. 

If like most gamers, myself included, you’re someone who enjoys first-person shooting (FPS) experience, it is better to go with a headset that keeps you on your toes with the high alert of directional cues. Likewise, if you enjoy playing it with your friends, shouldn’t the microphone be a lot more than just the dandy ones? 

It is no brainer that if you go with the wrong headphones, you’ll either ruin the fun or your ears or lose interest. Though it depends which headset you want to go with, if it’s not either one from our list of best headsets for call of duty warzone, you’re doing it all wrong.

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets For Call of Duty: Warzone

Astro A50 Gen 4:

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as of September 22, 2023 4:55 am

A lot of gamers consider Astro A50 as a successor to Astor A40, probably because of the exact build quality.  It has a heavy look and feels to it. From supporting hinges for swapping earcups plates to a buff headband that is moderately covered with foam to withstand a long gaming session, the headset will likely pass your durability test. 

Though, if you move a lot or agility is your biggest enemy, you might want to continuously place the headphone back in place, which is definitely a deal-breaker if you ask me. 

Since the earcups are circular and adequately deep, you won’t hear a single thing around you. No, they don’t clamp around your ears because the design allows them to be spacious adhering to breathability instructions. Gamers go with this headset because the earcups suit most types. 

The headset is mostly plastic, a tough one I might add. It might go along twice or maximum thrice if you tend to drop things frequently. If you look at the sound and audio profile, it is not too bad but isn’t extraordinary either.

The warzone game effects, monotonous dialogues, and surrounding sound is delivered exactly how it is, but the bass is probably way too “compromised.” It isn’t like how most gamers like it to be.

However, the microphone is worth the price. It is a noise-isolating microphone and you wouldn’t need to speak twice or shout when giving discreet instructions.


  • Excellent microphone
  • Sound and audio quality is good


  • Bass is not too good
  • Has stability issue on slightest movements

Razer Blackshark V2:

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Even though it loses most of the appeal because of being a wired headset, it is definitely worth a read. Blackshark V2 is an improvised version of Blackshark V2 X and comes with quite a handful of customization features that were missing in the previous one. One of the reasons for reviewing it is that it is console-friendly. 

The build quality and visuals are nothing that you wouldn’t expect from a high-class gaming headphone. The oval-shaped ear cups and wide headband are both covered in soft faux leather and make you realize why it is exactly the headphone for call of duty warzone. I mean, the entirety of my testing phase was spent talking glitters about the design and the comfortability aspect. 

Even though earcups are exceptionally designed, I wouldn’t say they work the best for breathability. The sound profile is moderate. Unlike Astro A50, the bass amplifies the high explosions and alert you of any trespasser or nearby movement. For some reason, the build quality feels not as good as it could’ve been, it’s mostly plastic and the overall experience feels cheap. 

However, the headphone has a detachable boom mic, so it minimizes the negative traits. With and without a USB card, the microphone works just about right and is equally noise isolating, unlike the earcups.


  • Good bass and sound quality
  • The color-grading and earcups are the best part


  • Not so stable
  • The build quality is poor

Razer ManO’War:

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as of September 22, 2023 4:55 am

To start it off, the headset gives a realization that not everything comes in a package. 

The headphone is way too plastic when compared to its predecessor. Overall, the design is solid but way too heavy to be sitting on your head for hours on end. Earcups and the headband are well padded, though the cups are way too tight and the headband can’t be extended, even if you willingly want it. The breathability reduced the overall experience and felt exceptionally clamped, making me remove it every once in a while. 

If you overlook the build quality and breathability feature, you can settle for the sound experience, just like I did while playing COD warzone. The bass and sound frequency is responsive and consistent. The low and high-bass are exactly how I needed for the warzone version. Every rumble, explosion, and shot was delivered accurately. Though the noise cancellation is average so it was a hard time adjusting to the environment and explosions. 

The microphone is great when you’re playing with friends. It has the right deliverables but lacks a bit of clearance.


  • Sound quality is good
  • High and low-bass is exceptional
  • Not a wired headset


  • Too bulky
  • Not really stable
  • Compromising breathability

Asus ROG Centurion 7.1:

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as of September 22, 2023 4:55 am

If you’re into big headsets that take up most space on your head and ears, you should definitely give this one a shot. There was nothing in particular that made us test this for warzone but the gigantic design. 

The earcups are actively cupped and reduce the greatest sound interferences from outside. Since the cups are too foamy, it might give you an impression of clogged breathability, however, this is literally not the case. After continuous sessions of call of duty, my ears were sweaty but not as you’d expect them to be. 

Asus ROG is connected through a box setup, which is quite unlikely for gaming headsets for consoles, but this one does. On top of that, the build structure makes them less compatible and not portable. It is mostly wired, so a non-moving stick figure posture is a requirement. 

The headset is quite literally one of the best we ever tested. Delivers a surround sound of 7.1 and actively reduces the outside noise to a point where you’re completely immersed in the gaming experience. The earcups are round and spacious enough to cover most of your ear, so you shouldn’t be worried about rustling or explosions, which conveys right to the point.


  • Good surround sound
  • Noise isolating


  • Too bulky for long sessions

SteelSeries Arctis pro:

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Arctis Pro is a combination of Arctic 7 and game ADC which is why it has many elements in common. Even though it has a lot of positive reviews and aspects, the thing which is most popular and led us to review is the duality of getting connected to a phone and console at the same time. 

The overall design of Arctic pro is minimal yet expensive. With big circular earcups and an extended foamed headband, the SteelSeries most likely fits best for a high FPS game like a warzone. 

It features a wide headband and has drawn-out hinges so you can adjust it as you like it. Though the ear cups are too stuffed around your ear, the noise-canceling feature nullifies the negative notion. 

You wouldn’t really expect the headphone to deliver anything less than the perfect sound, which is exactly what it does. Slight movements, footsteps, gunshots, weapon picking, explosions, everything can be heard from quite a distance. 

Even though some gamers have experienced breaking of ear cups or cracking noises, it is a durable set, no doubt. There’s something unique about this headset though and I could only testify it once I had the headset on. It is the positioning. The sound delivery depends on how good is the headset and ear cups sitting on your ears.


  • Great sound and bass
  • An amazing build feature


  • Sound quality depends on the positioning
  • Earcup quality

Sennheiser GSP 350:

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as of September 22, 2023 4:55 am

GSP 350 is nothing about its look, in fact, some gamers find it repulsive. Then what is it about that qualifies the headset as one of the best ones for warzone, you might ask? The sound quality is. 

The entire look is based on an antiquated run-down, overused headset. From its oversized look to the color, it gives off a bit too muddy of a look, the reason being I spent time trying to clean it the first time. Likewise, the headset is all plastic, and too much at that. 

There are various negative points for the structure, but the comfortability is top-notch. From the headband to the earcups, nothing feels too clamped or close to any part of your head or ears, which is good if you’re an avid gamer. 

Adjustments, I believe, are one of the quality features of this headset. It sits just about right which is why the noise-cancellation is great. You could be going crazy and not hear a thing. 

The microphone is not removable and really noticeable, it feels a bit buggy. Still, the audio delivery is good compared to other headsets of the same genre, but bass delivery could’ve been better.


  • Good sound quality
  • Wireless headphone


  • The build structure
  • Microphone is too noticeable

Corsair Void RGB:

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as of September 22, 2023 4:55 am

Corsair’s Void RGB has basically everything a gaming headset needs. First of all, the design is exceptionally unique, it takes most of the white – dull-white color. First look and you can tell it is refreshing and new to the eyes. 

Apart from the color, the build quality and rotating ear cups are the best part. The earcups are more square-shaped and cover the basic and even unusual ear types. The headband and the earcups are multi-layered and soft enough on the top of the head and ears and don’t feel too suffocating. However, comparatively the size makes them a bit heavy for an average gaming headset. 

Like most headphones that work for warzone, the controls on Void PRO are conventional. Easily reachable and has a volume control button, however, if you’re new to the design, it might give you a hard time. Plus, the noise isolation feature is not at all accommodating. 

One of the things which make the headset stand out is its flexibility. Not a single day passed and I was already a fan of it but the constant moving around irked me a little too much. 

The sound deliverables are consistent and active even if you’re wearing glasses or other impairment devices. However, the treble isn’t so great and gets affected by the ear cup design. 

If you’re dependent on constant rumble and bass when you play fps games, the headset has little to offer. Even though the low and high bass is convenient, they get mixed up too often.


  • Good audio and sound
  • A unique design
  • Large and rotating ear cups


  • Bass quality is affected

HyperX Cloud 2/Cloud II Wireless:

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as of September 22, 2023 4:55 am

Cloud ii wireless is another one of the HyperX series which is a stout, durable, and relatively comfortable gaming headset in terms of prolonged sessions. The decision to review it for warzone came because of the extensive 30-hour long playback battery life. 

It is considered an optimum choice if you enjoy gaming while feeling nothing around your head. The red and black color combination goes really well for an exclusive gaming headset. 

The circular ear cups are nothing less than soft foam padded ear covers and have a faux leather material. Though, the longer the usage is the more likely they’re to feel hot and suffocating. 

Cloud ii headband is also padded and doesn’t feel too pressurizing on your head, however, the hinges are made of aluminum and wouldn’t budge even if you wanted. 

Unlike most headphones, the controls are even smaller than the medium-sized and are placed at neither end of the left earcup. As a new user, it was a lot difficult to make out the right controls and took several attempts to learn. 

The overall fit is stable, but if you move a lot or get too hyper during gaming they might just easily fall off your head. The sound profile is quite solid, with high-bass delivering a bit too high notes and making the footsteps and explosions quite profound. If not for high explosions, you can listen to the dropping of gun shells to locate the movements easily. 

There’s a varying frequency if you have glasses or anything else on whilst playing. It is a low latency headset and features a boom mic, which is relatively placed at the right measurements and doesn’t feel much of a burden.


  • Comfortable design
  • Excellent battery life


  • Stability is a bit questionable

HyperX Cloud Orbit S:

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as of September 22, 2023 4:55 am

It is as preferable as the previous one but loses the votes because of the USB dongle and its wired characteristic. Well, this was nothing of a reason for not giving this headset a chance. 

Similar to Cloud ii wireless, the headset operates through software and loses its “perfect” sound quality when paired with consoles. The built style is akin to cloud stinger and features rotating ear cups, a wide, soft headband, and glazed black colour. On either of the earcups, the HyperX logo in white gives off a unique look. 

Comparatively, they’re lightweight and are nowhere near a bulky style. In fact, it is all about the right quality and quantity. The ear cups are stuffed in a unique way which makes it impossible for the air to get trapped inside and makes the headset breathable. It’s mostly made of plastic except for the metal headband to give it stability, so dropping it wouldn’t be a good idea. The hinges are totally plastic and feel cheap if constantly extended. 

The sound profile is preferred by most gamers, especially the ones playing warzone. When we tested it, the balanced and bright sound made it easy for us to locate sounds. I mean, the directional cues are distinguishing. However, the bass frequency wavers on mixing. 

There’s overall no noise isolating feature and had we known earlier, we wouldn’t have risked going against the enemy while having a party next door. The boom mic is great, so far and so forth. Audio delivery is affected often and makes it difficult to communicate. 

It is more of a budget headset and the surround sound 7.1 software somewhat makes up for all its problems.


  • A neutral sound
  • Boom mic


  • Uses software to connect
  • Audio delivery is subpar

JBL Quantum One:

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as of September 22, 2023 4:55 am

If you’re looking for a good sound and can settle for a wired headset, this might be your next pick. Though, I could only use it for so long because it worked really well for my gaming experience. It is really similar to Quantum 800 and Quantum 400. 

The design is quite structured and has a bit of sturdy and large ear cups. For a new user, it is relatively difficult to get used to the build design. The headband is wide and padded enough to not scratch against the head but due to heavyweight earcups, it feels pressuring every once in a while. It is a decent and comfortable headset in the available price tag, though, the clamping of earcups reduces the outside noise to some level. 

Being a wired headset serves beneficial for most users, mostly because the volume control is on the cable and is controlled through a wheel, so it doesn’t get confusing.  JBL took the hit with the flip microphone. We were able to test the headset as a singular peripheral and flipping the microphone to mute it was quite easy. 

It is thoroughly made out of hard plastic and can cater to a handful of drops, though it is advised against because we almost lost the flipping microphone the first time it went down. Slight movements and head fidgety go unnoticed, but if you constantly move around, it is necessary to note the stability isn’t really focused.

JBL made the right mixes for this peripheral, none of them feel overlapping or too profound if suddenly an explosion goes off. They’re the right amount to hear footsteps, gun shooting, or nearby movements. 

Apart from this, you’d want to skip on opening and ending music because the frequency wavers remotely. However, the bass is surprisingly amazing and makes the headset stand out for warzone-like games. 

The microphone doesn’t feel too conspicuous and is placed neatly at the side of the headphone.


  • Good sound profile
  • Perfect build structure


  • A wired headset
  • Frequency response is not great